Balance frustration

I’ve been riding a 24" muni for a bit now. I’ve also furthered the goal of learning how to idle and ride backwards. Still kind of basic on the unicycle, eh?

Anyways. My frustration is with balance.

I’m trying to work on sitting on the seat as much as possible while riding on a flat surface. I tend to want to stand up when trying to idle because I favour the lower foot because I treat it as a control foot.

Also; I tend to lean to the left and overcompensate by raising my right hand to offset. This is after I have been riding a bit.

I’m looking for tips, or more practice or a mentor. I guess, self taught uni btw, like most.



How often do you practice? A wise unicycle man once said that “in order to ride consistantly you have to practice consistantly”.

Your last sentence contains my best suggestion … practice more and find someone to ride with.

If you want to improve balance follow these three steps:

  1. Ride with your right hand on the seat handle until you are confortable.
  2. Ride with your left hand on the seat handle until you are confortable.
  3. Ride with both hands on the seat handle until you are confortable.

Note: You have to force yourself to do this because it will feel very weird at first. However, once you master this you will learn to balance with your hips and the balance problem will go away.

Just out of curiousity,

Is it better to ride on the smaller wheel or the larger wheel? Whichever you’re going to be using more?

Decide what you like, buy the unicycle appropriate for your preference and ride that one.

As an example I like distance so I ride a kh36.

I’m not sure if I understand the question. Are you talking 24" vs 26", 29" or 36"?

If that’s the case then a 24" wheel suits very technical riding where 26" or 29" can be more rolling and higher speed, and therefore longer distances.

36" unis are primarily for road use and traveling long distances. E.g. 80kms+
There’s always a few who push it and muni on their 36’s but somebody has to…

I ride a 26" and am very happy with it given that the terrain I usually ride isn’t very technical and I can roll over most of it.

Is that helpful?

I think that it’s pretty normal to want to stand up when learning to idle. That’s how I learned. Ultimately, you’ll want to be sitting on the seat when idling, because sitting on the seat means much less work for the legs. That will come naturally with time, though.

Hmm. I don’t know about this one. Maybe someone else will be more helpful than me. The only thought I have is, if this happens to you when you’re riding on the side of the road, maybe the curve of the road is throwing you off?

Anyway, it sounds like you don’t have too much to worry about. Balance is something that every unicyclist can work on, regardless of their skill level. The best advice I can offer is the same advice that others have offered: practice. I know it’s annoying to hear, but there it is. The more you ride, and the more skills you practice, the smoother and easier your riding in general will become.

As for:

Yeah, I’d say whichever you’re going to be using more.

Cool, thanks. I’ve been trying the one hand gripping my crotch, er seat.

I also need to work on core strength, but I’ll work on that…

Thanks for the suggestions. Practicing as always.