Bakersfield, CA - unicycling illegal in parks!

Hey guys!..

I have a couple running google news alerts for key words “unicycling” and “unicycle”. Today turned up an article stating that there were some kind’ve rules about unicycling in the parks of Bakersfield, CA. Fortunately, they have their municipal code online in a searchable format, so I did a quick search.

Here’s what turned up:

"12.56.050 Prohibited acts in parks.

 Within the limits of any park, it is unlawful for any person, other than a duly authorized city employee in the performance of his or her duty, to do any of the following:


F. Operate, drive, ride or propel any motor vehicle, bicycle, unicycle, horse, cattle, or any other animal, or to bring or keep any animal other than a domestic animal;"

You can check this out for yourself at

Just search for the word “unicycle”, there’s only one result.

BTW, the article mentioning park rules in the news today is here:

So all you bakersfield unicyclists… watch out for the cops ! :slight_smile:

Just BTW, I did some checking of my own city’s municipal code (Nampa, Idaho), and it appears that there are no laws directly regarding unicycles.

A search of Idaho’s Laws and Statues online ( indicates that there are laws regarding human powered vehicles (not just bicycles).

According to Title 49 (Motor Vehicles), Chapter 7 (Pedestrians and Bicycles), section 721 states the following…

“A person operating a vehicle by human power, or operating a motorized wheelchair or an electric personal assistive mobility device upon and along a sidewalk, or across a highway upon and along a crosswalk, shall have all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances.”

So, apparently a unicyclist is legally a pedestrian in Idaho. :slight_smile:

in Toronto, Ontario Canada “bicycle” is written to include bicycle, trycycle and Unicycle.