bail video and pic request

hey everybody

A while back i did a video request for any half decent videos people had of either themselves or riders they new. i had some great replys with the some real great talent.

i am now intrested to watch any clips of bails that riders may have done and caught on camera.

so if you have any clips of yourself or another rider doing some bails please attach either the link or the picture to the reply.

thanks very much


Check out, thats what its all about, a great site by Jess Riegel.


not only does it have bails… but it also has … THE AFTERMATH of the bails!! OOOooooh man… blood and pain gest me all giggly!

Here is the only half-way decent bail I’ve ever caught on film. I have plenty of clips where I fall off, but this is the only one where I don’t land on my feet.

This is a video with 2 minutes of bails. Most of them are pretty weak, but there are a few really funny ones.

We’re not really that terrible, it was just a rough day.

Here a clip of a flying tumble I took while riding a few days ago…

HitDirtUni.mpg (1.6 MB)