BAD unicycling habbits?

Ok i am breaking the pre hop habbit. Today i thought i would be really clever to take off my helmet on the way home but i started to chew my bag strap in stead!. I also do the same as joe and in thinking i can’t it makes me mess up.

I’ve noticed that since fitting a handle to my Muni I find it difficult keeping my hand off it even on flat trails, I know I can ride most flat bits without holding on as this is what I did before I had the handle.

hmm bad habits…
well i used to go to fast backwards and get some nasty falls but i think im over that now.
one thing ive done lately since its been raining- trying to do my normal tricks when my shoes are wet… doest work
my doggy has a bad habit of when we are on b*** trails and i br passes us he gets scared and jumps into my wheel (he has no prob w/ unis but is deathly afraid of bs)
oh and whenever i freemount on normal surface i go streight. but if i try on a narrow area like on a curb i go right off. meh

my take on the subject is that the game would be almost exactly like mat hoffman, and that would anger unicyclists for not making the balancing more realistic, but that would be impossible, because then you would have to put all your concentration on staying up, and you would never get any tricks done. nobody wins. i think it is an area that should be left alone, even though it seems to be really popular to talk about. the only way that there could be a unicycling game without angering sumbody that i can think of, is a virtual reality game, and that would cost a lot, and it would be stupid, because it would make more sense to actually unicycle. ok, i’ll stop, im just rambling now, but know this: talking about unicycle games is a waste of threadspace, and should not be done anymore! :angry:

srry, i was multi tasking and got mixed up

alright…i have a bad habit that gets laughed at and its actually really stupid.

i hop right foot forward and hold seat out with my right hand…this means that when pedal grabing, im pulling the unicycle with my right hand to the right…something i find very hard to do (i usually hop left). unfortunalty for me i can’t do the pedal grab where you rotate the wheel in the air as u are going up. anyway…back to the habit. As im going up for the pedal grab…i switch hands in midair and land with my left hand on the seat. im still curious to know why i do that cuz i didn’t even notice till i got laughed at one day. im try to stop but a habit it not an easy thing to break.

summary of bad habit: hop up to pedal grab with right hand holding seat…land with left hand holding seat and looking very confused


Not working on having two chocolate feet…

Most of the hobbits I’ve met didn’t know how to unicycle. You’d think that there would’ve been at least one hobbit on a giraffe at Bilbo’s 111th birthday party. And I don’t think I’ve met any bad hobbits. Just ill-tempered ones.


Ah you beat me to it I was going the hobbit route too. I guess we have great minds.

err did i spell something wrong I don’t like lord of the rings i don’t get it!!

The word habits has only one b.

alot of the bad habits I have are already mentioned.

for instance, pedaling backwards after mounting. I started doing this for mounting on surfaces that wouldnt let me pedal a whole revolution before I ran out of space, and now I cant seem to stop doing it!!

I also have a tenency to twist my body and lead with my right shoulder. I annoy people because I talk about unicycling CONSTANTLY.

I always ride where I shouldnt.

I try things I now are impossible to do (i.e. jumping off the 6 foot back porch with a torker CX).

I never grab hold of the seat handle until I am going to hop. this has resulted in a multitude of falls that could have been prevented.

I always break everything on my uni.

I always hurt myself. there hasnt been one day where I have come home not bleeding from something.

ahh ok some one could have just said i spelt it wrong! The lord of the rings crap just :thinking: me!!!

I agree with you about the unicycle game thing. But whats your bad habit then? Is it too many tasks while Multi tasking, getting off the thread subject, Or something else?