BAD unicycling habbits?

Has anyone got any bad unicycling habbits?

My ones are I pre hop on roling hops it’s really annoying!!!And after trials rides when i ride home i undo my helmet and chew the clip…

a bad habbit when mounting is pedaling backwards then going forwards

i tend to resemble a bird when i go up hill and wave my arms about, and sometimes I find myself stroking my KH seat… well that lovley soft luxury…don’t get me started

a bad habbit when mounting is pedaling backwards then going forwards

woah it posted twice

What an interesting question.

As for pedalling backwards slightly before riding forwards, I call that the “cartoon mount”. It reminds me of when a cartoon character sort of gathers himself with his leggs spinning and pauses for a moment before shooting off forwards. It can be quite entertaining to watch, but it’s not a good technique when on uneven ground.

My bad unicycling habits?

Chickening out at the top of steep down hill slopes. (I’m 41, and I don’t wear elbow or knee pads; that’s my excuse!)

Leaning the Coker slightly to the right when freemounting. That’s a bad habit on narrow single track!

Inadvertent coasting - you know, when you know you’re going to UPD but you take your feet off the pedals before you know which way you’re going to fall. This can be nasty.

Twisting my torso and leading with my right shoulder.


Interesting habit, but not a bad one: when I’m riding a tricky section, I fold my second and third fingers of my left hand in towards the palm, leaving my index finger and little finger making the “devil’s horns” that people wave in the air at Iron Maiden concerts. It helps me to concentrate.

Looking at the ground about 2 meters in front of me instead of straight ahead. But it seems to allow me to ride farther without a UPD, for some reason.

I do that all the time! woops:o

I do it too, especially when mounting right-footed.

Bad Habits

My bad habit is not learning “basic” skills, like idling & riding backwards, instead I just learned enough to hit trails… Everyonce and a while I try idling, get frustrated, and go do something else instead…

I guess my bad habit at the moment, is when i’m trying to ride backwards, getting scared and steping off, without really trying to recover and keep going more than 2 rotations. Although I guess thats better then falling on my back, practice, practice and more practice ! : )


I speed up at weird times and then bounce back and forth on the seat because…well i’m not sure why. They tell I ride with too much foot weight.

My bad habit is getting over excited to show off for people, and I end up starting the wheel walk going too fast, and thus failing to execute the impressive new trick, and looking foolish.

That, and forgetting that not everyone is as enthusiastic about unicycling as I am when talking to people. I think most of us are guilty of that one.

i have a nasty habit of raking my shin down the crown durring the second kick of a Koosh Koosh. (ive never done a third kick)

its bloodied me 5 times.

That’s me. My family is none too thrilled.

My Bad Habits:

Falling when trying to ride backwards one footed
Falling when trying to unispin
Falling when trying to one foot wheelwalking
Falling when trying to do anything I don’t know how to do

Other then that, my only bad habit is not learning skills with both feet before moving on to a new skill.

Cool thread Ben!

My bad habbit is thinking I cant do something when I can…


I do that too.
For some reason I angle my toes towards the ground occassionally and my feet slip off the pedals.

And looking straight down when trying to 1FWW. And leaning forward too far.

And the backward pedal thing. Especially in trials as my dominant foot is my front foot so I just need to back pedal to the hop position… tho sometimes I keep doing it as it’s such a frequent part of the trials session.

Thinking that you can lean into a turn on a 20" uni. After i do a cool trick, i sorta forget how to ride, so after i do the cool trick, i fall when i try to ride off.