bad tire distributer?

Hey there,

I ordered a tire from phat tires and then I got a crazy response after my order was confirmed that i never made an order, I was basically told to go jump in a lake and that even though I made an order, the wheel I purchased was taken of the website at midnight. Well, I ordered before then and so I just wanted to ask anyone if they have had simialr problems and also warn others against using that company. Don’t expect reliability.

I mean, maybe my experience was just a bad one and isnt a common one, but I just wanted to send out flag, to ask and to tell.

You left out the part about whether they kept your money. If you got refunded you’re in much better shape than most people who get screwed when ordering stuff online.

But if they dropped the product and gave you a bunch of crap about it instead of apologizing for making the product unavailable after you ordered it, they’re creating a bad impression.

Well, (very) luckily, they didnt charge my account. Just pulled the item with no warning. They just left a bad taste in my mouth. Especially because the guy over the phone was so snippish about it. I even asked him if they could order and he was like “we dont have them online anymore. Period.” However they had stock when i ordered and he simly said they pulled the product from their website.