Bad riding day


I can normally ride almost indefinitely without a UPD unless I’m on seriously rough terrain or I’m trying something too clever by half. Last week I rode 27 miles in one without a dismount.

Today, I set off on the Bacon Slicer - a uni I haven’t ridden for a year or so. It has a 700c road bike wheel, 23mm high pressure tyre and 114 mm cranks. I UPDd on the flat within 100 metres.

I then rode for about half a mile, decided I was overdressed for the weather and turned back.

After stripping off a few layers, I decided to ride the 36 instead. I missed my mount in the driveway. Got on 2nd time with my foot in the wrong place, struggled to reposition it, then had to dismount anyway because the Allen key bungeed to the handlebar had fallen out.

I tried to remount, I went one way and the uni went the other, skittering across the main road.

Not doing well at all. I decided the uni gods were not with me today and went back home.

We all have those days, I have to say since I took up trials riding as well I never have mounting issues as jumping about is second nature to me now, I used to though and would highly recommend doing some trials to aid your other riding.

I can jump mount, kick up, suicide, step trough blah blah blah all my Unis now because having mounting issues really annoyed me (it is so frustrating) so I went mad and learnt loads of them. When I get my 36er I have no doubt I will mount it first time and not batter an eyelid.

My only mounting issue I have these days is when I ride to work I wear my work clothes and shoes and the space between my pedals outer pins and my crank is enough to jam my shoe sole between, that pisses me of riding with a jammed shoes that turns stiffly but I can’t even pull up and out to reposition it so I have to dismount and tug it free. Maybe riding in work shoes is just a bad idea:p

Ha. Just remember that your bad day equates to a lot of people’s normal day.

A bad day on a uni is better than a good day at work;)

Cereal though, every day is a learning experience. Even the bad balance days or the times you can’t mount with correct foot placement to save your life! If it were easy, everybody would do it!

Been there, done that, & will likely do it again numerous times. Its the price we pay.

I do however sympathize with you Mike. There’s nothing worse than gearing up for a ride and spending most of the time walking. :angry:

Sometimes I have hero days, not sure why they happen, but that’s the kind of day where it all clicks and I ride well.

Then there are the days where I suck, I don’t generally head home, usually I’ll try to push through and try to “change my mood”, sometimes this works and I chalk it up to just needing more warm up time.

And then there are the days when I truly suck, I stay sucky, and other than making myself miserable, all I get is exercise. Granted, I’d rather have a sucky unicycle ride than be at work or stuck in the house.

My biggest biatch is when my body won’t cooperate, muscle spasms and pinched nerves make me pathetic, but riding does seem to help if I’m not too far gone.

I’m pretty sure I make my days, good or bad, by what mindset I adopt and maintain, also the uni I choose and the trails I ride. Sometimes I push too hard, esp when I’m tired, so what could have been a good day for a cruiser ride ends up being a bad day for bruiser ride.

Something I’m working on is called a “day off”, I’ve also heard people call it “relaxation”. I’m not entirely sure what’s involved, but I’ve been doing some reading and I think I have it figured out…

assuming I can find the time to try it :roll_eyes:

I find that everything in life is about the mindset you approach it with.
If you think about hating your work, you will.
If you think you’re going to miss a freemount, you will.
If you think you’re going to have a bad day, you will.

If you ‘feel’ one way or another, it’s nice to have options of choosing a ride that suits your mood it seems like a natural way to find balance.

Oh, and those “Days off”, those are days that you spend at home because someone suggests you do something together! :wink:

I remembered a while back when I was still newish to riding and very new at free mounting I was on an offroad ride and kept UPDing and then failing to mount and I was very grumpy and close to going home, then I was riding a long and hit some deep liquid mud and as my riding skills er not all that I UPD’ed again, and went hands and knees first into this slop causing a muddy splash that got me in the face. I was motionless on all fours in foot deep mud with it dripping of my face and I just burst out laughing, it was hysterical, and after that I hit every mount and had a wicked ride.

Similarly 2 weekends ago I did a mammoth 41 mile ride and on the return leg I took a wrong turn and got lost, a quick gps check and I took another path to link back up to my trail but then got a bit more lost and started to get narky as I was trashing a good flying ride and average speed. I then noticed where I was and got back on the trail, I then did my fastest 1 mile of the ride on mile 37 as I was literally buzzing being back on course despite being shattered

Mood and a positive attitude is everything

On Saturday I went to local riding spot, had my wife drop me at the top, so it was a little more downhill than uphill; why not cheat when you can :slight_smile:

I was tired from riding the day before, feeling stiff and akward, it quickly became a mediocre ride. I meandered along, seeping in my misery, just trying to get it done. I decided that my tire pressure was too low cuz it felt like I was squishing out in the turns; the trail is very winding. I added a bunch of pressure, when at the same time I heard some bikers coming down the trail.

I hopped on the uni and started cranking, all the while keeping my mind on whether the bikers were getting close. I was riding really fast, cornering was improved, I was thinking less about my comfort and more about staying ahead of the bikers.

I ultimately stayed in front of the bikers, “beating them” down to the parking area. I told my wife that I raced the bikers and won, of course the bikers had no idea we were racing :stuck_out_tongue:

All mental.

Am I forgot about that situation :stuck_out_tongue:

I can be dying on a climb but if I see a biker or walker I get the strength of 10 tigers and I am off cheesing it up the hill like it is not even taking an ounce of effort, until they are out of site and I collapse in a quivering heap on the floor :p. It is nice to ride and chat with cyclists who are always so respectful and in awe.

Unicyclists are so rare I fill duty bound to be putting my best foot forward for the sport when I seed anyone :wink:

Or to at least suck less :roll_eyes:

Sometimes I wonder if john q public knows how hard it is to ride one of these one wheeled contraptions…

They must, otherwise I’ve got to think that there’d be more of us.

To borrow from a post I made on a different forum:

Yes, I’ve had rides where I looked all over the woods to make sure no one was watching, contemplating why I even bothered, fighting the urge to just walk back to the car, and hoping that no one that was on the fence about unicycling would see me and then change their minds.

Now you know how a normal day for me riding with you feels :smiley:

:smiley: Funny how everybody seems to be taking it so seriously and analysing the situation like some sort of psychiatrists. (Mike’s not a new rider BTW!)

Oh, Mike, I spotted the deliberate mistake (do you still do that?). Obviously there’s no way it’s possible to be “overdressed for the weather” at the moment.

Well I know he’s an old timer, but I feel like I can commisurate :slight_smile:

I think uni is just sooooo darn difficult that it doesn’t take much to make for a sucky day.

Right now I’m struggling with riding after work in the dark, I gotta use lights since the time change, and though I enjoy myself once I get started, it’s the getting started part that I don’t look forward to…

Maybe not down your way. I went out in T shirt, sweatshirt, cycle jacket, green reflective waistcoat and motorbike gloves because it had been so cold earlier.

I came home and changed into T shirt and windproof sleeveless jacket and fingerless gloves.

Last week I did my marathon-in-one-go in a thin long sleeved top and a sleeveless jacket.

(Note for the laydeez: I do also wear trousers.)

I haven’t done a wride up with deliberate mistakes for a while - they started to get a bit samey. I keep meaning to start again now that I’m riding a new territory.

I had a bad day on Tuesday! Was UPDing al over the place on a route where I usually cruise with comfort and as the Uni gods would have it I struggled my arse off to stick any form of mount! even got a nasty Pedal bite at the back of my leg coz of one specific mount that went down the drain!

Hopefully Ill have a better ride when I go out this afternoon to do the same route!

Actually it’s been more wet than actually cold round here recently - seem to be permanently soaked riding to work and back. Last few days have been cold though - had a day off work today and went out for a (bike) ride with my wife - my “usually adequate for British weather without getting sweaty hands” gloves failed miserably and I had to go inside half way round (happened to be passing my place of work) and thaw my hands out. Certainly wouldn’t be going out anything sleeveless at the mo for anything more than an all-out short sprint!

You should do - you were the king of write-ups :slight_smile: I feel like I know my way around that watersports centre and the dodgy chav-filled wasteland in the forest although I’ve never seen them…


I feel for you! My ride last night sucked bad till I found somthing better to do. I have been filming and such and I couldnt land a line I wanted so I quit and found a easier one and got it, but still never got the hard one.