Bad Pedal Grazes

hey, i just got some new odyssey pedals (theyre blue and they glow in the dark) with removable pins. I put my soccer shin guards on and went for a ride today. I did a one and a half foot drop ( my highest yet, yay!) and nailed it first time. Then i did it again and screwed it and screwed it again and the pedals slid down the back of my leg and took skin. now the question, is there any way to protect the back of my leg?

Ouch legs.jpg

Option one:

Second set of soccer shin gaurds - you’ll find some of them will fit OK around the back of your legs, if you have a spare set you can give that a try

Option two:

Some kind of leg armor, such as the SixSixOne 4x4’s. Though, these only have a ‘thick-ish’ fabric to protect the back of your legs. It prevents light pedal bites, but sometimes my Snafu pedals still bite through. Other leg armours may be more ideal - check your local bike shop and see if they carry any gear (or search online if you prefer :))

Hope this helps!


Bad Pedal Grazes

Rattlesnake Chaps?-------available at sporting goods stores in many places in the deep south and west.

the 661s that i have protect the back of my leg pretty well. there only like $30 on UDC and work very well.


The 661’s work pretty well, awesome on the front for pedal bites. I do have a 1inch scar on my right calf though, a pin punctured the fabric on the back, and then ripped both the fabric and my leg :wink:

Nice photo…reminds me of my first pedal graze.

Did you get those pedals from Gary? If so, they may be the pair that I accidentally ordered instead of the non glow-in-the-dark blue Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals.

661’s do the job for me, although you may still end up with minor scraps and bruises even with them on because there’s no padding on the back.


i just ordered them in from the bike shop. They’re the glow-in-the-dark blue odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals. they cost 100 but she only charged me 50 cause she’s a nice lady :). what kinda price (australian) am i looking at for 661’s?


Was that at Gap Cycles? Was that Karen? She is very nice. I used to work at Gap Cycles. I considered maybe doing the apprenticeship they offered me, but I was pretty keen on studying architecture. I think 661’s are $70ish, but that’s a very rough estimate.


In Aus, there are some really good shin pads available that i wish i could get over here. If you just ride street, and aren’t really interested in knee protection as is desired in muni riding, you can get shin armour that homogenously wraps right around your shins and calf muscles. Tomsey once had a good pair that, i think, are called Armadillos (check his videos). The 661 Veggies may also be a good choice, but i’m not sure. I use 661 4x4s, due to a lack of alternatives.

My LBS has a pair of Fuse shin pads that they can order in. They look pretty good. Has anyone else tried them before? Here’s a pic that i googled:

me and jerick bought our 661’s at

they cheap =p better then 70$…

plus if there is a site that i can buy soem from i want some
they cool

You should check butler, they might have them, or can order them for ya =p

i just got my 661 for 50bucksCAD i love em very comfy and very breathy(is that a word?) they havent really had a chance to give me any protection yet but they have given me some more confidence.

I love mine too, and recently found out i can wash them in the washer! so now they dont smell, well, they do, but with a nice smell, not sweaty.

$50 dollars…

i only payed like 28$ all together…

i got some called lizard skins at my LBS, they are made of like a neoprene material and surround my whole leg below the knee. For shin protection they have a hard plastic insert that is removable (but i almost never take it out)

70$ in australian…

GRAZE you call that a graze, dear god you must be hard as nails, I’d have been in A&E with those. Boy you must still have the scars, respect.
I’ve been using my old hockey pads they cover the front but not the back, Ive had brusing but I’ve only got plastic peddles, I was gonna go metal but I’m having second ideas. Is metal really worth it?

When sharp pedals hit your calf muscles they tend to dig in a fair way and scrape their way down the leg fairly easily. The nice thing is that it’s far less painful than getting hit on the shins. :slight_smile:

Are you riding trials or muni? If so, then yes metal pedals are worth it. They don’t have to be razor sharp, and if you want you can blunten them yourself. They are far stronger and more durable though, and will be more grippy when wet.


Thanks for that graphic description, I’m even less keen, I WANNA BE RAPPED IN COTTON WOOL AN’ BUBBLE RAP! LIFE’S WAY TO SCAREY. :slight_smile:

Yeh, trying to muni, getting better been riding for 4months now, bought myself a big fat tyre and going for it. As an after thouhgt, I do wonder how much the tyre effects my riding, it’s great on the mountains and I don’t have trouble with turning and stuff I need to do there, but I cant for the life of me turn circles on flat pavement areas…mmm moment for thought. What do you reckon?:slight_smile: