Bad Injury story

Thought i’d share my injury story with you guys. About 5 months ago I was riding some trials around the local mall. I was about maybe a foot and a half off the ground on a fairly wide curb. I routinely hopped to the sidewalk but somehow slightly took off wrong and landed askew on the wheel. This sort of propelled me forward head first. This is the part of the memory that makes me shiver. Here I am stammering forward trying to not fall on my face with all of my weight barreling forward and the top of my head collides with the bottom of the stop sign pole. Luckily I am wering a helmet and the pole slides off the helmet into my shoulder. I was really stunned and some people came over to help me up.

The bad thing is I let my adrenaline mask the pain and continued riding for maybe a half hour. As soon as I sat down my back seized up. The injury probably took about 2 months to fully feel better.

I have heard about other unicycle injuries from you guys but this one I really dont attribute to unicycling. This couldnt have just as easily happened if I had tripped walking.

Any injuries to share?


tried to jump a huge 7 and completely missed and sprained my ankle took a couple months to heal ( I’ve actually sprained both wrists and ankles )

ouch, how about long distance injury?

Dislocated Shoulder and kinda dislocated knee.

4 worst injuries, in no particular order:

  1. Patellofemoral syndrome in my knees. This is an overuse injury; I understand it can be the result of sudden increases in exercise regimes. I attribute it partly to riding distances with my seat too low, partly to suddenly riding lots having previously been quite sedentary and (possibly most importantly) repeatedly ignoring the pain and riding anyhow until it was much worse - not a good plan!

  2. (something like) torn ligaments in my ankle. I never had exactly what was wrong diagnosed, but this was very painful initially and then persisted for a long time. It got it whilst doing muni on my 36er; I cleared a really tricky slope (the guy before me on a 26" muni hadn’t managed it) but the wheel then slipped out from me whilst at speed and I landed badly (and in stinging nettles!).

  3. Achilles tendonitis. This was just from riding lots and putting lots of load on my achilles. It flared up after a particularly long ride. Again, I most likely made it worse by ignoring it and continuing to ride. Anti-inflammatory tablets from the doctor’s helped.

  4. Fell off my 36er at considerable speed (probably around in the 15-17mph range) on a slight downhill slope and sprawled awkwardly over the path instead of rolling out. I grazed my arm, shoulder, back, butt - all down one side, basically. The grazes were bad, it hurt like crazy, and it took ages to heal!

ouch, if the pole had hit the base of your neck you pobebly would be out cold.

the injuries sounds hard

Here’s what I did to my head on a rock (twisted my ankle after dismounting, and fell):


You got a lid yet?

No, I’m just avoiding going near those rocks again…and avoiding doing anything where there’s a risk :roll_eyes:

But surley it jest easyer to get one and then do the fun stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I damaged my ligament on Friday, luckily not too badly. But still no riding for two weeks. My bike gets me everywhere so I’m stumped.

I;m out the the extreme stuff for a bit. I didn’t fulu dislocate my shoulder, but I did jar it really bad aparrently. It hurts bad just to fold laundry… I also have a huge lump on my leg that had never healed yet. I was grinding a guardrail buggered up and landed with all my weight on my shin into those small segemtns of I-beam that held it up. Needless today it went all the way through my leg armor and I had a huge bruise even the bone.

I on saturday , yes last week -5days ago- i free mounted my girffe which i cana normally do very well.I was doin a rolling free mount, but this time i got about half way up the wheel slipped out from under me and i landed straight on my elbow, i’m goin to my MRI in about 30 min from now and the y think i split my radial in half:D:D:Do boy

developed sinding larson johanneson syndrome after falling on a rock at moab.

Im just starting to be able to ride again.

I’ve had my share of injuries, Some from unicycling, Some not. I’ve had to stop any kind of hopping, jumping, tricks or grinds. (freestyle,trials,muni,street)

Starting about 3 years ago I broke both bones in my leg, Had to stop unicycling for 5 months.

2 years ago, 1 year after the leg, I broke my left humorous on a bc wheel. That put me out for 4-5 months.

Last year (well not even last year, more like 9 months ago) I dislocated my shoulder on a bc wheel, then again on a trials bike, then again on a unicycle, then again just swimming in a pool 2 weeks ago. My shoulder is now so weak I can hardly do anything with it, due to the fact that it is a issue of stretched ligaments and tendons it wont heal on its own. For the foreseeable future I wont be able to do any kind of sports activities with my shoulder.

Phys therapy + shoulder brace or the like?

I ripped my sack when I fell on a slippery log.

That’s pretty much the worst injury I’ve gotten. I’ve bruised myself bad and had a few sprains but nothing really serious.

Except for ripping my sack.

english please
and when at moab?

My injury

I was attempting to ride down stairs and I made it about half way the first time and fell off,(about three stairs, so 6 stairs in total) but managed to stay on my feet and on the second attempt I must have hesitated for a split second and my wheel stopped, but as you all know my fork kept going, so i fell off and down the stairs. I don’t remember the actual fall I remember seeing the top stair and then me rolling down the last stair to get up. I suffered little, a bump on the head and a sore arm but I haven’t tried to go down stairs again yet, I’m just lucky I haven’t broken anything yet