Bad Habit?

Hey, I recently started to do hopping, but when I ride then stop and try hopping, I use two hands to hold the seat (one hand in front and one on back) but after I hold it for about 1 second then I use one hand. Is this a bad habit? Also my torker is making a weird clicking sound, its only on my right side pedal/crank. Could it be a bad axel- or something? I belive it only makes that sound every once and awhile and only when I put lots of weight on the seat. Any help?


Tighten your crank or your pedal, or both

To tighten the crank, pop off the endcap with a screwdriver and use a 9/16 socket to tighten it. (I think it’s 9/16 anyways)

In response t the hopping thing, I wound’t say its nessescarily a Bad habit, but i would just try and not do it, cause it seems weird. Do it 23 times in a row the right way(without both hands) and I gaurauntee the habit will be broken…

Don’t worry about the hopping with two hands. It’ll go away eventually. The only time when it really matters how you take the seat out is when you have to do it during a stillstand, when you can’t waste time with 2 hands on the seat. Until then, You’ll eventually outgropw the habit without specifically practicing it.