Bad habit static mount sneaking in

The last few weeks I’ve noticed that the position of my dominant (right) foot has shifted from 7 o’clock to 11 o’clock. I start at the 7 o’clock like always but when hopping onto the seat the wheel roles until I’m at 11 and then push off. This has made it harder to static mount my 32", which used to be as easy as mounting the 29". Does anyone else experience this? The 32" is not big enough to perform a rolling mount, which I’m not too good at.

As a remedy I’ve been focusing on mounting with a hop first. When I do that I keep the pedals more level. I’m not sure what changed as I ride on a weekly basis

I’m not sure I understand - your foot should be at 9 (or 3), not 7 for a static mount, and which direction is the uni rolling in? If it’s rolling back then start off your static mount with a bit of a push forwards, if it’s rolling forwards then put a bit more pressure on the back pedal.

With a little momentum, step on at 6:00 so you’re a little ahead for placement.

OR… mount with your non dominant foot, non dominant hand, etc… Anything to get away from the unwanted repeated habit.

You will learn something you need and when you go back to this situation you’ll find it won’t be as much of a problem.

I like to introduce as many variables as possible to force myself to deal with anything that happens.

I have my back pedal somewhere around 4-5 (or, if you look at the clock from the other direction, 7-8) on the clock face. If the mount works it works.

I don’t do roll-backs when mountain. I start out at 7, if you look from the right hand side and as I move the saddle under me, Im at 10-11. Today I deliberately spent some time mountain my 32" and the problem is that I push off too hard. If I hold back and calmly mount, I can keep my dominant foot level at 9 o’clock and thereby mount at 99% before riding off.

I also did some hopping with it, but I find that a tad scary as it is too high for my liking. I’m 6 ft 2 (1.86m). I think hopping adds to getting a good balance on a uni, which in turn makes it easier to mount as well. It teaches what the balance area is.

Although learning to do things with my non-dominant side is a very good thing, I mainly like just riding and get bored nowadays with putting in time while just staying at same spot. I will however try to mount with the pedal at 6 o’clock. That will be interesting.

Thanks for the suggestions.