Bad fall.

Well, today i went out for a ride… Everything was going good…I found a long 4 set and was jumping it…Then i started crankflipping it…Well I had all my knee pads and shin guards on but i flipped it and when i landed i hit the side of my knee on my Onza trials frame.

It hurt pretty bad and all i could see was blood…I hopped around for a few seconds trying to ease the pain. I figured i could still ride but i wanted to wipe off the blood. So i took my pads off and to my suprise there was a extremely large gash… I knew right off i would have to get stiches.

I called my mom,(luckily i had my cell phone) and she was about a mile away… She came and got me and we loaded up in the car and took me too the emergency room. We were there for about 1 and 1/2 hours until they actually did something other than just wrap it.

When they finally came in they put 7 staples in it…So now im out for at least 3 weeks riding. I guess thats what happens when you ride street.


P.S. Pics of the staples will be up soon…I didn’t get vid of it or pictures before the staples. Sorry.

man… that sux

how did a frame do that? was it missing the little caps on the ends of the fork legs, making it cut you?
or was it just a freak accident?
that’s weird

i don’t see how those fork legs could cut you unless they were thin-walled, sharp, and missing the caps on top

No the cap wasn’t missing…I guess it was just freak accident.

It really sucks though, thats for sure.

wow that sounds really bad man. sorry to hear it. sounds painful.

Thanks chosen…it wasn’t that bad…i thought i could ride some more until i saw the gash…the worst part was the staples…Either that or not being able to ride for around 3 weeks.

3 weeks?!?! Jeez, iv had like 16 stitched and i was good for anything after 2 or so weeks.

but evan. it was on his KNEE. you can’t uni when your knee is split open. the knee is a joint and when you move the skin stretches or slacks. Depending on when he unis, it might tear out the staples. this also depends on the depth of the gash. if it was deep, it’d take longer to heal.

Mine was about an half an inch deep and it was directly above the ankle, plenty of flex on the skin there.

different people have different healing properties/speeds, evan…

everyone isnt the same.

Well lets just say you could see the bone…But then again, on the side of the knee there isn’t much cushion between the bone and skin.

ooch… that’s gotta hurt…
well, get better soon!

Thanks, while im out…every body needs to make some sick videos…that way i will have something to do.

I made a sick video, not really very sick for me, but I cant upload it.:frowning:

Hope you get healed up soon.

depending on when SOMEONE or other besides JSM (A THOUSAND THANKS JSM!) sends me clips, i’ll send you a DVD copy of Unicycle World.

I’d watch a movie of only JSM uniing. that guy rocks. :smiley:

edit: I’d pay for the privilege.

Guess who gets to riiiiide with 'im. :-P.

Sucks about the knee. 3 weeks is so long! 3 days was a long time for me. of course, I couldn’t walk either…but hey…

Wo bis den fotographieren?! Schnell! Wir mo"chte blut!

It won’t be till sunday night or monday…Its saturday night right now…I only have a pic with the staples in it. I don’t have one before that.

Here are the pics to it.

pics of my leg 3.jpg

Sorry for bad quality. It was taken with a camcorder. :stuck_out_tongue:

pics of my leg close up.jpg