Bad Fall today while WW (pics)

It makes me want to get right back out there! It’s the challenge and myself saying: Dang it, I’m not giving up! Btw, the swellinghas gone down somewhat since the fall yesterday, so I think that’s a good sign. Stll hurts, but I can move it freely.

that bruise is a little 2 large for just some skin, you need to get is x-rayed. I reckon you have a small fracture.

Murphy’s law of safety gear, that is. Whatever part of your body is uncovered, that’s where you’re going to get it. If you have a piece of safety gear that’s not on, that’s where you’re going to get it.

Of course this Murphy’s Law stuff only seems so intense because you remember times like this. If you’d had the pads on, you’d have said “ouch” and gotten back on the uni. But I do remember from my early days of practice that if I wore my stuff, I’d hardly ever fall on it. When I wasn’t wearing it, the knees and palms were getting chewed up all the time.

For wheel walking, like nearly every other skill, it’s not necessary to lean back. All you need to do is sit up straight. It feels like you’re leaning back more because your pelvic angle changes. Having your legs in front of you puts a different part of your butt on the seat, and it feels awkward.

Like everything else, practicing your escape plan can help reduce injury. I still remember a few nasty falls from my early days of wheel walking, though this was probably when I was trying to learn it backwards. I remember falling directly on my tailbone (everything else still on its way down) on my garage floor. I lay there for what felt like 15 minutes hating life, before finally getting up and cursing the unicycle for a bit. There’s a dismount technique that can help for rear dismounts from wheel walking. The key thing is to swing your feet out and around the sides, to make sure they don’t catch on the pedals. If they do, your fall can be worse. But if you get your feet out, around and as far back as possible, you can often catch yourself, or at least soften your fall. You’ll end up in a kind of limbo dance position.

The pain has mostly subsided and the swelling is less than half what it was in that pic. I’m going out to ride today (before it rains!) and put together new video for y’all! I found a local park where there’s a large sand area surrounded by large boulders, perfect for hopping, gapping and dropping! I’ll bring a push broom for sweeping off the sand. Wish me luck but don’t say “Break a leg!” :smiley:

Man, for my birthday i should get a really good digital video camera, also i want one that can take some high quality still pictures =p

Have fun on your video, its good to hear the swelling has reduced =p have fun making the new video!

Owwwwwww dewd i hope your elbow feels better soon… that second picture is pretty gruesome… yuck…

Get well soon :slight_smile: