Bad Fall today while WW (pics)

I had a pretty bad fall today while practicing WW-ing. Everone told me I should “lean back more”, so I did, and if I may paraphrase a recent post; the uni shot out from under me like a watermellon seed! Wow, it happened soooo fast I didn’t have time to react and fell pretty much directly on my left elbow! Funny thing is, (well not really “funny” funny; more like really STUPID!) I had just come from the park trying WW, but still falling FORWARD, so when I got home I decided to resume practice, (After having just removed my elbow pads, because I was going to call it quits for the day) but then left every else on; t2’s, shin, knee, wrist, helmut, gloves…all but what I NEEDED in the fall! Man that is a real hazard in learning to WW! :astonished:

updelbow 001.jpg

I’m at the same stage WWing as you.

I wear:
Helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and… don’t laugh…okay you can laugh, I really don’t care… my kayaking vest. It pads my back when I land on it.

Ouch, i wrecked while learning to WW and got my ankle cut =p

Cut 3.jpg

I forget to mention. I hope you feel better. It looks like it really hurts. Those backwards falls are so jarring.

ive never worn a helmet, elbow or wrist pads for a year…

not to mention the kayaking vest… haha

Thanks. Yeah, it was very jarring and for a split second I felt the impact course through my whole body and skull! Weird and scary.Well, I’m gonna go hold it under cold water 'cause it’s pretty swollen…looks like a golf ball is under my skin!

I’m a very happy and proud whimp.

ouch… a golfball? take a picture while it lasts

Here’s the two-elbow comparison! Can you guess which one was injured?? (lol!)The pain is really setting in now; I hope it’s not broken, but I think it’s probably just badly bruised. OUCH!


Whoa Terry, looks like a nasty bruise. :frowning: t

Hope you heal up quickly!


well its a perfect example of murphys law…if it can happen it will. but i hope your arm feels better soon.

If that big lump is your elbow and not a tumor, I bet ya its broken. Put some ice on it and get it checked.

Luckily, I do have full range of motion, and no “grinding” feeling, so I don’t think it’s broken, but just swollen. But I could be wrong…I’ll see how it feels tomorrow. Another lucky thing, it’s not my “tuning” hand! (I’m a piano tuner):smiley:

Wow, Terry, that’s ugly. You still have your sense of humor. :slight_smile: That’s a hematoma, I think. I had one a few years ago on my forearm from falling off my MUni onto a rock. It goes down in a week or so. Take some motrin and take it easy. That sent me to buying arm guards.


Wow, that’s hugly.

When I was learning to WW, which took me 7 months, I often wore wrist guards, tho never a helmet or any other gear. Leaning back is important, tho it’s counter-intuitive, so when you fall, it tends to be awkward. But… I learned to “reach” for the ground with whichever hand was closer to it, and since the wrist guard took most of the punishment, I always came out ok. The two times I hurt myself came after i’d learned (but not mastered) WWing. In both cases, I slipped, got my feet caught on the same side of the wheel, and nearly broke my wrist. I never came close to hurting an elbow (in fact, I’ve never so much as scraped an elbow in 26 years of riding). Weird.

Heal well,


Terry, judging by the size of that bump you have damaged your bursa. Check out this link:

There is a fluid sack in your elbow called your bursa that become inflamed if you hit it real hard. There can be complications, so watch it. I hurt mine real bad in highschool (diving while playing ping-pong) and it took almost a month for it to go down. It hurt REALLY bad for awhile.

Hope you heal quickly!!

All this talk about leaning back while ww – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now, I really don’t think that the rider should lean back. This excessive leaning back is what causes the nasty falls from ww.

From another post a while back, I said:


How do you stop the balls floating to the surface? :stuck_out_tongue:

ouch! i hope it feels better soon.

i had a very large bump on my leg a couple of months ago. but is wasnt that big!!!
that picture makes me flinch

Wow. This is really a dangerous sport. Maybe we should all quit before somebody gets hurt :astonished: :wink: