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I have had a very bad experience with udc. About 6 weeks ago I ordered 36 spokes for a monty rim. About three weeks later they called and told me that they couldn’t find the right size nipples for the rim. Yesterday I called them because they still had not arrived, and they told me that they hadn’t even cut the spokes yet. I have ordered things from them before but this customer service was atrocious and I was very suprised.

sux dude

So, I read the very vague and inappropriately titled thread, “bad experience,” expecting to read about someone’s injury or some cool unicycle that finally gave up the ghost or some run in with some local toughs who wanted to show a unicyclist what a sisy he was. Then I found out that the thread title, had it been appropriate, would have read, “bad experience with UDC,” and I would have realized I could have skipped it entirely.

UDC is one of the reasons that unicycling is where it is today. Another is this forum. Another is the radical videos of Kris Holm, Dan Heaton, Ryan Atkins and many, many other extreme and highly skilled riders. UDC has a huge customer base and they make mistakes. They have never made a mistake with an order of mine. How many others who post here have had the same experience but never started a thread entitled, “'Absolutely no problem with UDC for 5 years straight here…expect pretty much the same in the future?” I might have to do that.

Oh, I’m wrong. They never ship me free stuff or sponsor me. What’s they’re problem? I’m an extreme, fringe rider and I deserve it. Nothing bad should ever happen to me.

UDC tends to screw up…a lot…

So do I. I can’t tell the difference between they’re and their. I also used to instead of too in another thread. Miss Ayerley should switch me but I think she still has Raphael in the dungeon. I certainly hope that saucy schoolmarm scolds me soon.

I would have to side with Harper, I have placed over a Dozen orders with UDC in the last 12 months via online and or speaking with Amy@UDC and have been 100% satisfied! I wish all the Businesses I have to deal with were as helpful as UDC.
I guess you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time… Maybe this was your time

I’m sorry you didn’t like my thread title. However I am frustrated and have every right to be. And I would have to say that the title was appropriate because to me this was a bad experience. I can’t say that I completely understand the last part of your post. I am very sorry to have so deeply offended you but the last paragraph of your post seems to be so smug and sarcastic that I have trouble understanding what you are trying to convey to me. I only complained of an order taking over a month which is something that most would complain about. You are very lucky to always experience great customer service with everything you purchase but I can’t say that I have the same great luck. And next time you make a post, can you say something productive rather than outlining me as a moron?

PS. You can place your cursor over the title and preview the thread. Just thought you should know.

Deliciously painful though her dungeon is, she still provides Internet access to its denizens. I currently share it with a Ghanaian grammarian who used the wrong diacritic to denote the clicking sound of the language spoken by the Khoikhoi.

I noted your errors, Greg, but you beat me to the punch. Self flagellation is its own reward, I think you’ll agree.

Once John Drummond kept me on hold for 96 seconds. I counted.

I think in that part he was lumping you in with other forum users who have complained about things inappropriately, such as not being sponsored. I’m sure we are all sorry about the problems you’re having getting your order correct and into your hands. UDC has a very good overall track record for customer service, possibly the best in the online unicycle-selling business. But custom orders are always more likely to suffer from problems. I hope you make a phone call to the source of the problem before ranting here. Sounds like you did, and you’re just frustrated. I guess I would be too. Do you know how long it used to take to get a Miyata seat? Sometimes as much as nine months! UDC has mostly cured that type of problem.

Woah! Actually I can’t, but apparently if you have the right combination of brower and OS you can. Which ones does that work with? Sounds like a nice feature!

With Windows XP and Firefox, I can do that as well. It’s pretty helpful.

But anyway, as far as UDC is concerned, the one product I’ve ordered from them so far in my unicycling career was delivered flawlessly. In fact, we even sent a bit too much money, so they called us to tell us that they were just going to toss in Defect at a bit of a reduced price for us. I’m rather fond of their customer service, but, like all companies, they make mistakes sometimes, too. No one’s perfect.

UDC Sweden is the best, most reliable, best priced comapny I ever bought something from.

I can call Peter the same day and I promise you he’ll meet up with me anywhere in Stockholm to give me my pedal or whatever it is. And for those who must ship stuff to get it, he’s always on time and always gives them what they wants.

Plus it’s not unusual that he gives a little discount when yu buy stuff from him.
He also sponsors the Swedish forum, our Swedish Unicycle Convention and jsut about every unicycle happening in Sweden. and Peter is the best, I don’t know what i would have done without 'em.

I’m sorry for your bad experience.
However, I love, they send me the biggest, bestest pressies through the post. And they know who I am. How cool is that!


I don’t know. It depends on the thread title.

And you can have a look at the bottom right-hand corner of the front page of RSU and see who the Moderators of this forum are.
I’m guessing he knows about the features of the site.

Greg’s comments about your choice of thread-title is part of an ongoing campaign to make these fora as user-friendly as possible by encouraging the use of very descriptive thread-titles. This is hardly a specific move and is something that is slowly but surely taking hold in fora all across the internet.

Your complaint is rather vague as well.
You say that their explanation for not filling your order was that ‘they couldn’t find the correct size nipples for your spokes’.
Was this because they couldn’t find them in their store-room or because they couldn’t source them from their suppliers?
Are the nipples missing or are they out of stock?

I understand your frustration.
Unicycles are our toys of choice and the human play-drive is powerfull. Anything that comes between us and our toys is likely to end up like anything that comes between us and our remotes. That said, I don’t think complaining like this on a public forum is neccesarily the best way of dealing with your frustration.

Next time, take a deep breath before you post?

based on his last sentance

he most likly did.

i understand whats going on here. as a person who has ordered many things from i have had a fair share of disapointment upon opening “the box”…that said i know it was never on purpose and i was never left in the dark or blown off.

Somtimes it was due to young hands packing the boxes, other times it was some sort of disconnect between the order taker and what was read off the order sheet…either way the problem was always fixed…thank you 1-800 line. is a wonderful thing run by great honest people but it has become alot bigger than it once was and when somthing goes wrong to a member to this site its not my feeling that they sould get blasted for posting their story.

i feel unign’s post was honest, informative and without slander… <--------hey, that would make a nice thread title eh?

Jag, I’ve been wondering what’s happened to you.

I’m not blasting the guy for complaining, I’m suggesting that if you have an established complaint, based on a detailed exchange of emails (to post) or phone calls and you feel you must post it, do so. But if you’re just having a junior hissy fit, take a deep breath and keep it to yourself.
And if you decide to post, stick to forum ‘etiquette’ and post a proper thread title.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

I can not comment on the exact situation with your order as this with our US partners. I think it is worth mentioning that what you have ordered is always a problem. Let me explain.
Unicycles generally have large flanges on their hubs and use 14 g spokes (with the exception of the Coker). The Monty rim has a smaller ERD than most of it’s size. It is also is built for 12 g spokes.
My guess is that UDC US are having to cut some g spokes down fit your wheel as they are smaller than any standard produced anywhere. This is a specialist process and is not done in house but at their wheel builders. It is not a one or 2 minute job to get 36 done… but maybe a 1 or 2 minute job for each spoke! It is also an expensive way to make spokes.
Getting 12g nipples that fit a 14g spoke is a special order for us and I guess it is for UDC US, that adds additional complication.
I am certain a shop who did not appreciate what you were needing as well as the specialist unicycle suppliers (I am not just talking of UDC here) would supply spokes that “will do”. They would be 14g, over long with short 14g nipples. They would work… but you would be rebuilding your wheel after the nipples rip through the rim and/or replace your inner tube when it gets punctured by the spokes.

PS we love our customers too Cath! :slight_smile:

I love Harper!

Also, yeah. I’ve had to rebuild a monty wheel myself, (4 cross baby!) and it involrved cutting down each spoke individually (with a special tool). A very time consuming process.

You get used to it.

Imagine if Harper ran!

Waiter, there’s a hair on my frame