Bad day

After a bad day at work (I make that almost exactly 5000 of those now) I got home and thought, ‘Never mind the winter blues. Get out on that unicycle.’

It wasn’t raining when I set off in the car. It was by the time I arrived at my favourite practice car paprk.

Oh look! The gate’s open, and the big boulders have been moved. The car park must be officially open again. (It’s at a country park, and they close it in the summer because too many people take their cars there.)

Aha! The beam of my head torch picks out debris on the ground. The Council has had all the hedges and bushes cut - with a flail.

I dimly recall my days in the Cyclists’ Touring Club when we campaigned against flail-cutting of hedges.

Today, I are mostly practising riding one footed. This is a useless skill, but may get me permission to ride the giraffe, if ever I join a club. And anyway, it’s reasonably enjoyable, in a frustrating sort of way.

My head torch is not bright enough to clearly pick out small pieces of dark coloured wood against a dark and wet tarmac carpark. Gosh! How suddenly a unicycle can stop when it hits an unexpected small piece of dark coloured wood!

And then I hear the tell tale hiss which reminds me why the CTC campaigned against flail hedge cutting.

Tired, frustrated, bedraggled and hungry, I retire to patch my inner tube.

If I wasn’t doing this for fun, it’d be awful. :roll_eyes:

if you come to stirling juggling project, (more than a mere club.)
you can have a go on the (my) girrafe when you can ride backwards and idle competently.

does anyone stipulate one foot idling/riding before letting people on a girrafe?.

i’d say thats safety overkill, especialy since some fairly well known laws of physics make a girrafe easier to ride (in some respects)than a regular unicycle.

Thanx for the offer but… It was an ironic reference to a comment on another thread. Some clubs insist on Level 3 skills before you can ride a giraffe, apparently. (My point being you don’t need to do riding stomach on seat, seat out in front, or all that clever stuff to ride a giraffe.) I’ve ridden a few giraffes over the years and will get one one day.

One day.:frowning:

Re: Bad day

“Mikefule” <> wrote in message
> Thanx for the offer but… It was an ironic reference to a comment on
> another thread. Some clubs insist on Level 3 skills before you can ride
> a giraffe, apparently.

I learned one-foot idle on the Giraffe before ever doing it well on a
standard uni.

Although I didn’t see the original quotation, perhaps the aforementioned
requirements were meant for Free-mounting a giraffe,
as both skills would definitely help for learning that.

David Winston

i had a bad day too. We had a math exam, and my only pencil jammed up, so i had to fill in 56 little boxes with a piece of lead.
A teacher got really pissed at me (never heard a teacher use the f word before) over a misunderstanding with some paper (really, it was a misunderstanding, not really my fault) I got paint all over me in stagecraft, and the scraper slipped in mechanics, so i got blood on someone’s box. Riding home, with a heavy backpack, i slipped more then usual, and took a hard fall in front of a bunch of people.
This has nothing to do with anything, but i just wanted to complain more on this form.

Evilewan, you’re right, the one foot stuff is really overkill. In cirkids, all the instructor made us do was ride in a circle.