Bad crashes=no trials

I took my first really bad fall last year and my knee started hurtled and this march. Once again I did it today and I’m done with trials and street for good. I don’t have fun when I ride for a few weeks and I’m down for a few this stinks

That is sad, :(…

Good. Now you can spend all that time riding Muni. :smiley:

You starting to feel old?

Muni it up!

Look at Unigeezer his Muniing is still going strong

Just forgive the unforgiving trees…

muni is deff were im going but its fustrating i was finally getting good

You don’t necessarily have to give it up all the way, right?

my DR said if i keep falling the way i am i could hurt my knee beyond repair

Well, better safe than sorry.

i would rather mess around on the trials and ride muni than not ride at all

We Muni.

Our knees are fine :slight_smile:

Hat off to all those trials riders still. Love to watch Street and flatland.

Just the body takes so much longer to recover as we grow wiser.

HA! love that! but i will miss it but it will let me to continue to ride

I’m 19 and all it took was one hit to the knee with the frame and mine were Toasted for 6 months. After that I just let the trials uni sit and look pretty on the wall.

ya, thats what sucks i love it but time to move on and play with this toy more now

I wear lots of pads, some of them didn’t have enough cushioning for me so I added some.

Consider riding w/ a knee brace or doing special knee exercises?

I’ve heard some intentionally ride w/ less grippy pedals, so more likely to slip off than fall. IMO regular screws give a better grip to maneuverability ratio, same for more shorter pins vs. fewer longer ones.

ooooh arrrhhhh eeee…

Flatten that saddle already and go dirty it up true and proper!!!

Sorry to hear you took a dive from the trials bandwagon. Where do i send this box of chocolates?

nice saints btw

Well, at least you’ve got this ride for comfort. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the flat sadde thing I snap them :confused: the ghetto ones
When I’m riding trials I wear kh armor with 661 knee pads and still bust my knees…
I run plastics for trials
I really like the saints, lots of grip but not to bad weight wise and when the temps get below zero I can ride still

Get an alloy saddle made! We can test their strength together? Durability is good so far. Couple decent upds today trying to out run wet weather. Kh36 hit the bumpers hard on hard pack single track at full running speed for my exit. All stiff and comfy as expected. Post and bracket secure.

Trials and similar involving leaving your pedals often and playing on hard sharp cornered multi level surfaces has its hiccups when upd’s are inevitable sadly. Try to keep skin on blood in and if you take a spill make it slow as humanly possible. Push your skills but dont test your limits

Always was afraid of landing on my tail bone with riding. Seems to be one area never really protected at all

How about doing freestyle instead of trials. It’s very skilled with lots of tricks to learn, but easier on the body.

I have been looking into a aluminium flat seat and found Ni one who would do one, I have messed with freestyle its like flat to me big guys have no fun