Bad commute

The bus got hit tonight on the way to work. It was a hit & run. The uni almost bought the farm.The impact took out the forward postion of the rack. I always put my uni on the aft postion. We are having areas of wet snow with underlying ice here. It was only 1 mile from the airport. I was only 40 minutes late. I had to walk. The snow was too wet to ride in. I tried though. It kept loading up in the tire and packing around the frame.

Wow, that sucks. Although at first, I thought you said you got hit by a bus, so I’m glad it wasn’t that.

I have been hit twice last year. Both times have been the cars brushing my left leg. The first incident was in September. The car made a wide right hand turn and came completely in my lane of travel. I was all the way over to the right side of the road almost in the gravel. I usually ride like this when there are no bike lanes or multi purpose paths. The second time was in December. This time I was in a bike lane in Seattle. I was riding with uniShark, Harper, Straightarrow, Dave, & UniBrier. The car was going about 35mph. I was able to keep riding without falling. The first car strike I was able to keep riding also. I always have a head light and tail light when riding. Now I wear a flourescent safety vest as well.

Cant tell you how many pedestrians ive seen hit by cars in Seattle man… I hear yuh, seems like people just dont pay attention at all around here.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of bad drivers. I generally go with the theory that all cars can kill whenever I’m out on the road be it walking or riding.

If we can automate unicycles perhaps they will automate cars in the future and solve car to pedestrian hits. :sunglasses: