Bacolod City, Philippines ?

Hi All

I am in Bacolod City for a while and have been told that their are some Uni-cyclists around, any connections would be much appreciated.



Bacolod City

Hi! I’m from Bacolod City and I have a 20" uni but still in the steep section of the learning curve. Spent around 4 hours practice time since I got my uni. Never got more than 2 wheel turns. Where are you currently? A native of Bacolod or just here temporarily?

About 2 years ago I saw several guys on unicycles that were promoting a soya drink. Never saw them again.

I’m an XC mountainbiker btw.

Hey! Glad to see someone found my post! I sent you a PM with my contact details, lets meet up, Ill have you riding within a few days :slight_smile:

I have met a few other people who are also interested to learn. I saw a guy riding in Davao but was not able to stop and talk to him.

How long is a while? We have an active group in Singapore, and occasionally do short trips in the region. Haven’t been to Philippines yet.