Backyard Trials

Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have finally gotten around to joining because I have finished a video of myself riding trials in my backyard.

The riding is nothing sensational by the standards of this forum, but it gives me a chance to show my family and friends what i do, and helped me to learn to use the editing software

I am trying to reduce the number of correctional hops i use with fair success, however this video is fairly hoppy as the footage is all some months old.

I hope you enjoy watching it and i would love feedback and constructive critisism.

Also, anyone experienced with Adobe premiere elements 7 (on windows) that has any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ian

Nice vid man keep on going :smiley:

Really nice filming actually, you are a great rider with great potential to get bettter, seriously you can be REALLY good just if you have the time to practice.

Keep on!

If you do SIF hops, you need to bend your knees and pull the wheel in under your butt. That way you can hop way higher then SI hops. Just so you know where you need to work on to get to the next level :wink:

Also your wheel should be more parallel to what your jumping up SIF, not horizontal. I hope you under stand what I’m saying, I didn’t word it too well.

Nice trials course bro.

nice vid, nice trials course :slight_smile:

Nice video, course and riding. But… why are you using rollo discs, when you ( as far as i know) aren’t riding flat? :thinking:

Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions everyone. It means a lot.

Unigard, i use rollos for two reasons. 1) i do try to ride flat, just poorly, so I didn’t bother putting any in this video. I also wanted to try and keep it purely trials this time. 2) i like to have them for mounting if i start SIF partway through a section or up on an object, otherwise i get scared.

Ok, so that’s what you’re using them for.

Once again: Cool video.

That was an enjoyable video. I like your smooth riding style.

Can you put it on youtube?

Vimeo on my computer only comes up ~ 1 frame per 10 seconds :frowning:

I have re-uploaded the video to youtube. I originally had it there but it gets instantly silenced, and seems a lot darker than it should be. If you watch it there you will need to hum “Gurrellia Radio” by Rage Against the Machine or else it looks really choppily edited. I tried to make it work with the music so it looks pretty average without it.