Backyard Trials-ish

I didn’t have shit to do this weekend so I bought some wood and built some stuff. I made two stair sets that are 4 stairs each. Each step is 25 cm deep and 25 cm tall. The sets are each 50 cm wide. I also made two platforms that are about 135 cm (the circumference of a 20" tire) long, about 50 cm wide, and 25 cm high. The last thing I made was a balance beam that is 50 cm high and 235 cm long. The platforms will be getting angle iron for grinding eventually. I designed the obstacles so that they have many different configurations. Here are a few pictures I took.

That Stuff is awesome!
I built some stuff about a year ago-and it is now starting to get old, and I have pretty much broken everything. So I need to start thinking about building some new things! Thanks for the ideas!


I like it

You are giving me ideas. One point, it looks like the rear of your steps are held on by 2 screws . Looks like it will break, maybe put blocks under there.
I have done a lot of deck building. The coolest thing I discovered is to buy "Deck mate " brand "square drive " screws from Home Depot. The head on these looks like a tougher philips. It requires a special bit to drive them in, but they give you a free one in the box, and they seem never to break. These screws are great because the head never strips. With a drill driver, they make putting stuff together and taking it apart fast and easy.
I want to build something now !:slight_smile:

Looks more like a front yard to me. :slight_smile:

Those look great.

I really want to build something like that.

EDIT: I really like your neighbor’s color choices.

that looks really nice. THe only schanges i would make is to have it 3 stair and the when you put one platform on you have a 3 stair a another platform for somewhere else. but when you stack 2 platforms on it would make it 4 stair.

Wow! You certainly are good with your hands! Very impressive. If I were to try building that, I would have splintery wood everywhere.

ok, lets not change the subject completely, but star drive bits are amazing. (IE TORX) i built a HUGE deck with star drive screws and used 1 bit for the entire project. I was impressed.

those square bit ones are ok. if you have a newish bit and are using wood. but i install alumminum sunrooms and they used to give us those and if you didn’t have a fresh bit then it would stip a lot. now we use hex drive screws.
sorry for getting off topic

I haven’t found torx screws here

But it sounds like the same thing. The point is to avoid the total pain of having the head strip.:frowning: Then it’s out with the vise grips, or the hammer and cold chisel. Putting stuff together with superior screws is the way to go. I would recommend my Dewalt cordless impact driver. It can install a 4" screw in seconds without drilling a hole first. Light weight mag case. Rare earth magnets.
Costs as much as a good uni though. The 60 $ corded Dewalt drill driver is the way to go unless you really do a lot of this stuff.:slight_smile:
Anyway, great job!:slight_smile:

haha, my dad has a makita impact drill, its amazing.
i heart that drill
it has saved me about 50 hours worth of work, I’m not even kidding.

I think they are called star drive, i will find some for you.

wow neato
thats some pretty cool stuff ya got there mate

nice DX, are you sure the wood wont break?

VERY nice! How much did all the wood cost?

Is that stable??? :astonished: :thinking: :astonished:

Yeah, it’s sturdy as hell. I’ma make a video on that stuff in the next week or two, if I have time.

Man that is some pretty impressive stuff there.

And to further threadjack the topic while backing up Skrobos claim that Torx are the way to go, last summer I put on 6 pallats of nova brick on our house, one bit :smiley: it was awsome it’s like having a splined hub vs a square taper, which one is better?

That is completley AWESOME! I really like all of them. I absolutley need to make some trials stuff now.

thats realy cool! I think you might kill the stairs in time though

those obstacles look amazing. Really ssturdy and well made looking.

how long and how much did it set you back for? Sweet, i hope i make some similar stuff soon