Backyard Trials Album

It was finally some good weather for some backyard trials!
The pics are a little dark, but you can still see some of them.
Right now the captions suck, so i have given EVERYBODY the right to edit them.
Have fun


here is a link


were di you get ur uni from bud?

I got it from
It is a yuni 24 inch muni


What are you, an Elf? It looks pretty dark out … I can barely see ya man! Very cool, though.


get your hand off the back of the bench you CHEATER!!! :wink:

P.S.way to leave the edit caption feature open for sabotage.

come on people, im sure you have silly/stupid caption ideas!

You will be well remebered by us, Scott, as the Hero of the Potted Plant Massacre of 02’.


Re: Backyard Trials Album



Hey, thanks i like the new edited captions, they are much better than before. Some are a little racy, but they are cool.
Keep changing them

P.S. That “green thing” is a tape measure i used to measure distance in between pallets, this one about 4 feet.

The caption “” ‘All these benches are yours- except Europa. Attempt no landing there.’ “” was a gem. Nice reference, and funny. Good job, whoever that was.


De Nada. Although I preferd my ‘Day of the Triffids’ allusion. :slight_smile:



I had a strong feeling that one was yours. :slight_smile: