Backyard Jam

Hey guys,

Heres a vid we shot late one evening. We had some stuff left over from the Voodoo unicycles trials comp so we decided to build a course and have a bit of a jam.
Not groundbreaking riding, but we had fun filming and riding.
What unicycling’s all about.


:slight_smile: i like, it entertained me, even though it wasnt the most awesome riding!

Was entertaining, enjoyed that :slight_smile:

Your pool has seen better days mate, haha.

Great vid, nice course, bet your mum is thrilled to have that in the garden!

Cheers for the comments guys :slight_smile: All these little vids are just editing practice for a bigger project I hope to start soon.

Haha, yeah. We filmed this last week, we cleared the pool out at the weekend. I was waiting for one of us to fall in it, would have been a quality addition to the vid!
We almost got away without her seeing it, but she came out halfway through. I don’t think she minds to be honest, as long as we clear it up afterwards.


really nice vid! keep it up :slight_smile:

haha, im trying to persuade my dad to let me have a 5 set in his garden, he still wont let me!