getting pretty consistent with riding backwards on skinnies :)…tried my first decently high skinny backwards…before, skinnies that i could get racked on would be too scary for me to try. i wanna try to do a really long backwards ride on a high rounded rail now though.

very nice and impressive but do you only wear wife beaters when riding?

damn straight! coolest thing i can wear. tshirts and whatever else get entirely soaked and too heavy from sweat .i don’t want to mess up my good shirts while riding, i can care less about my tanktops :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always thought backwards railrides should take a big part in trials. This stuff is awesome, man!

heck yeah man i agree! i first saw them in tom pecs spirit and i was like :astonished: ! but that vid is actually what inspired me the most to start riding skinnies.


Amazing. I wish I could ride skinnies forwards :frowning: I just cant ride slow and controlled enough. Any tips?

thanks man!

well, try to find a low rail to start out on…if you find one that’s below your inseam, than you really don’t have to worry about getting hurt if you slip off.

but when riding, keep your arms wayy out, and keep all weight on the saddle. it also helps to work on standstills. when i started working on standstills my skinny riding really took off.

Backwards skinny rides I think are the best looking in trials. :sunglasses: