can anyone help me on riding backwerds

Re: backwerds

Riding backwards is like starting to unicycle all over again. Just do the same things except in reverse. It will be easer since you will already have your side to side balance learned.

I couldn’t even help you on if I was riding forwards!

I’d learn to freemount it I were you…:smiley:

If you want advice on something like backwards riding or wheel walking, search the forum archives. By this time, there are probably upwards of 100 threads asking how to ride backwards.

I posted this question sometime last year and they said to go uphill because you can keep better control then. It helped when it was a small slope, like our street. My driveway was too steep, though. Also, when practicing, every once in a while I’d switch to going downhill so that when I went back to uphill, it seemed easier. Stay on your unicycle as long as you can- wait until you fall off instead of chickening out.

grab one of those recycling bin things that roll. then just start going backwards. I got it like this in a few minutes. Now I ride down and off things backwards. It’s super fun, and super stupid!!!