What is the furthest you have ever gone backwards, and on what kind of uni? My records are 5-6 blocks on a 24" and about 150’ on a giraffe.

I started unicycling on Christmas and the longest I’ve gone backwards is the length of a basketball court on my Torker LX 24.

Re: Backwards

I’ve never really tried to see how far I could go, I gave up after riding to my friends house about 200’ away. Sometime I want to ride 1 mile to my other friends house, though, it’ll be hard because it’s so hilly though.

I wasn’t really going for the furthest actually, I just realized that was the furthest I’ve ever gone. Though I bet I can’t really top that.

i did 2 miles backward on a 20" trials

About 8 feet. Yeah, I haven’t tried much. I probably should get better at free mounting first.

I know I could go as far as I want backwards, but it makes me tired faster… prolly because I have to concentrate on balance more. For some reason.

Has anyone besides me noticed how it’s easier to go up steep hills, like on a street, backwards? I’ve noticed that. My driveway is really steep, and I’ve noticed I can ride up it much easier backwards than I can forwards.

A few days ago, I accomplished a goal set when I first started learning (less than a year ago). I rode 10 miles backwards on a 24" to a friends house.
My average speed (pedaling only) was 4.9 mph! That is faster than the first time I ever rode FORWARD 10 miles.

One of the keys was overcoming the fear of riding backwards on bridges with LOW guard rails while dump trucks (why do they seem more vicious than semis?) passed a few feet away. Sometimes I stopped riding for cars because they did not seem to really want to share the road much - I must have looked “stable.”

After an hour or so of visiting, I rode home the same 10 miles, and averaged 6.6 mph (pedaling only).

My other goal is to do a TOTAL of 20 miles backwards on a grassy field in a tight 12 foot figure-8. So far, I have only done 1.5 miles :frowning:
The grass has bumps that require changes in pedal speed, and the tight turns make it difficult as well.

Ive gone about 3 miles on my nimbus 24 in at a parade.

A couple hundred feet on my Torker LX 24. I always get nervous that I’m going to run into something I can’t see, and then I fall. I need to learn to look backwards while I ride.

I just did my first backwards riding today. So far about 15 metres is my furthest :smiley: