Backwards wheelwalk & Standup wheelwalk

Recently I’ve been practicing 1 ft wheel walk once I learned to wheel walk. Soon I am going to try gliding once i can transition from 1 ft wwing to riding. I found out more about stand-up wheel walk and backwards wheelwalk during the learning stage. I’ve kinda found an order like this- wheel walk, 1 ft wheel walk, gliding then coasting.


Where abouts whould stand up wheel walk and backwards wheel walk fit in? or would just do that when you having nothing else to do?

Also with backwards wheel walk I don’t know if you put your feet in front of the frame on the tire and push backwards OR use one foot behind the frame and push backwards on the wheel.

Any tips for gliding, standup wheel walk and bacwards wheel walk or any other tips would be aprrectiated

I think the sort of backwards WW you’re talking about is called koosh koosh or something. And I think you have the toe of your non-pushing foot touching the wheel but it seems like a strange trick to me. I can’t seem to push the backwards unless I have the seat really high.

Stand up 1 foot wheel walk and gliding come after 1 foot wheel walk obviously. There’s no need to be able to go back to pedals from 1 foot WW to learn gliding. The main thing is that when you 1 foot wheel walk you do small glides instead of always pushing and never gliding. Once you can do small glides just 1 foot WW down a gentle hill and try to glide as far as possible before pushing again. Then go to a steeper hill and glide, only pushing the wheel to get started, gliding the rest of the way.

there are a lot of ways you can do backwards wheel walk.

by convention, backwards wheel walk refers to doing it from a seated position with both feet in front of the frame - exactly the reverse of the standard wheel walk. Heres an old thread:

in regards to stand-up, well theres been threads of that too just have a search.
#1 - start from a wall :smiley:

And no, there is not set order in which you have to learn skills. I would recommend getting really solid at wheel walk, one foot wheel walk and gliding.
Also riding one footed with each foot and backwards riding.

Once you’ve got a bit of control and balance you can start working on coasting (which will take a long time to develop) and looking at the backwards and stand-up ww, which are fairly achievable skills given a bit of practise.

You can start learning when ever you want really. Whether or not it is effective is another matter. If you are working on 1 ft ww at the moment its probably a good idea (me judging your abilities from one sentence) to work really hard at your base riding skills before you even bother to attempt harder things. Forwards, backwards, one foot, seat out tricks, idling (1ft, seat out), smooth and graceful turning, getting wheel walk solid with full transitioning in and out.

If you can get those fully under control (not just doing them, but doing them with full confidence and ease) then you will be in a good position to tackle gliding, coasting and harder wheel walks. You will also probably learn them quicker as well. Another side effect is that your riding will be a lot smoother and everything will look nicer.