Backwards wheel walking

I want to learn to backwards wheel walk, I’ve experimented a bit and can go 3 pushes of the foot.
What I want to know is what the way of doing it is.
From what I can see there’s

heel and toe, like you doing when going forwards

or putting your feet at an angle and just pushing backwards with the end of your foot

or doing it one footed, heel and toe, so you keep your movement in a line so that you don’t loose your place

or by putting your legs behind you and doing it with the end of your foot.

Any advice?

I’ve been practicing it a lot as well. I havn’t gotten to far but I have found that if I let myself go in completely any direction the uni takes me, I make it a bit farther. So if you don’t worry about going in a straight line it makes it a bit easier, and I find I have a bit more control.

Heel-toe. Your heel does a big part of the work. You could try heel-only but I think it would be quite a bit harder. It took me a long time to get the hang of it. Remember, the speed will be slow!

Also have a look at variants you may like to learn first (or not, that’s up to you):
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