backwards sif riding

yea, Im having alot of trouble doing this.

any help would be apreciated

Do you mean s.o.b?

I think he means Fakie SIF?

Practice normal riding backwards till you can control it well and stop then go forward again etc…

I find it helps tons if you concentrate hard on keeping even weight on the pedals.

After I was confident with my backwards riding, I tried backwards SIF.

I think it took me 4 or 5 tries to get a half revolution.

Key is just weight distribution.

It took me a lot more tries to learn regular SIF.

Hmm, backwards SIF was never hard for me. I did a drop down SIF and landed backwards and just pedalled out of it backwards.

So for me, it kinda came naturally.

Keep working on it, youll get it.

hmm. oh well. I guess Ill just practise

i find it reeeeaaaally hard too. you’re not alone.

i can ride backwards fine…i can ride sif fine…just not both together.

Pull up hard on the seat and keep it close to your body.

Funny, I put weight on the seat… Or at least I thought I did. Now you’ve got me confused…

I try not to put any weight on the seat, same thing with riding SIF forwards. I try to avoid any stress that I can on my muscles, and concentrate on making fluid and even backward strokes…same thing that I would do when riding forwards.

That may be just what works for me, though.

Yeah I went out and tried it. I don’t push or pull any way, my hand just holds the seat neutral pretty much.

I had to go out and try it to remember how I did it. It feels so natrual I don’t think about it.:stuck_out_tongue:

idk i suppose it needs practise maybe.

i dont really remember ever struggling with it so i cant give you any advice on how to learn it.

Hard to explain, its not really a trick ive ever practised much on its own, but its kinda of come about as a result of doing other things on my unicycle and just general experience.