Backwards Seatdrag

How many people can do this trick, and how hard would you rate it compared to other tricks?

It’s very hard, but a few people in TCUC can do it.

Ah, I see… I’ve put a couple hours into it and can get about 3 - 4 rotations on average now… I was getting bored of going forward…

I’ve tried it a couple times, with little success. I need to get a little better at backward seat out yet. If you have any tips, I would really appreciate them. Are you doing it in front, or in back?

Some people who can do it include: Ryan Woessner, Amy Shields, Leo Vandewoestijne, Daike Izumida, Thorsten Schanz, and Dana Schneider.

It’s standard skill value (in front) is 6.4, so it’s harder than side ride, one-handed in a figure eight or stand-up glide in a circle, about as hard as coasting in a figure eight, but easier than backward coasting.

I can do the trick, it is hard. make sure you’ve got regular seat drag mastered. after you learn backwards seat drag in front you can learn backwards seat drag in back (even harder) but possible with some practice. the hardest part i think of backwards seat drag in back is picking it up. keep up the good work, it’s a cool trick!

one more tip for learning it, make sure you can do backwards seat out extended well, before you decide to start dropping the seat.

In Germany a view people could do this trick. Morice Liesner didnt unicycle for two years but befor this two years he could drive Dragseat forward and change it into backwarts with a 180 spin.

Backwards seatdrag is getting easier for me everyday. I worked on figure 8 and really small circles, along with picking the seatup from behind me before I started working on backwards. If you have control with seatdrag going forward with seat behind you, you should’nt have to much of a problem with this trick. When I seatdrag backwards the seat is behind me, I use a wall to hold on to and give myself a little push to get me going and from there i can get about 4 rotations. After I can get a good 10 - 15 rotations I’ll start working on going backward from forward.

I’ve put some time into backward seat drag in front now, and I can get two cycles of the wheel quite often, although I haven’t gotten beyond that yet. It definitely seems possible with practice. I’ve even unintentionally invented a new move as part of learning this skill: I call it the “backward frame slam.” I did it quite well at least five times yesterday. To do it, you ride backward with the seat in front, drop the seat, ride one or two cycles, then throw your weight heavily to the right, at the same time twisting to the left and taking your left foot off the pedal. The unicycle’s frame should slam forcefully into your left shin. If you aim it properly, you can even gouge your leg with the seatpost clamp. For the best effect, it should be done without leg armour of any kind.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, my left shin is now extremely sore, so I’m considering working on seat drag in back backward instead. My question is: how dangerous is this for the unicycle? It seems to me, that because you will almost always fall off toward the frame, and because you can’t see the frame and seat very well, it would be quite likely that you would land on them and break the seat/frame. Should I be concerned about this possibility when working on this skill? Has anyone damaged their unicycle seriously in this way?


I can do it, both with seat in front as with seat in back. I’m not sure if I ever did the circles and eights. But when I recorded above movies (last summer) the camera-man was soo lazy he would’nt even standup.

What can I say. I would not compare it to other tricks, as you are a unique rider, and I cannot decide whether a trick is harder or less-hard for you. I can tell you you can do it! Just practise.

What I also can say is that the seat in back variant is the hardest variant, as you cannot easily determe where you seat is, and the seat is not really draggin (as it’s morely pushed than pulled, which makes steering hard). Those two things are important at the dropping the seat.

Further the usual hints; straigth up, look forward. And same as for forward draggin’: place your… -eh- hips-bone staticly in the air, by making the carrieng of your weight smooth from one feet to the other. This cost much strength in your upper legs. The more you bow your legs the smoother it goes, but also the more force it will cost. But I guess you found those things out when doing foward.

Browsing for a kind of body spin move I found another bw dragseat nicely executed (with pick-up) by Dana Schneider.

The movie may have a large filesize and is not of the best quality, as it was captured from a copied tape.