Backwards rolling hop?

I was just wondering if any pros or people can do a good switch rolling hop… It would be a nice street move to do stairs or whatever starting backwards and 180 forwards. Can anyone do a good one? video?


people do both. fakie moves are becoming a big thing in street riding. there are a few shots in ‘defect’ of these moves.


i can but only over a 3 stair… maybe a four stair… but i have done it on a three stair, no video yet though. fixing my camera

are you dan as in dan heaton the immence unicyclist from universe 1/2 nd other stuff

yeah, that’s dan

just search for the thread he posted about the defect trailer, or anywhere in the galleries

b/c depending on how busy he is with NAUCC, and preparing for defect’s release, he may or may not frequent the boards enough to respond

i’ve been working on a lot of tricks out of fakie, like fakie 180, fakie 180 tire grab, fakie 180 full rev, and there’s a whole lot more

What’s that?

roll backwards jump 180 and pedal a full rotation in the air

Yeah, Im big into those... still trying to jump high`backwards though…seems I can only do drops and sets and whatnot…

Revert moves… Lol, i call it that, i don’t like the work fakie. um, hmmm. I’m big into revert anythings, haha. My favorite is the revert 180 flip, backwards into a 180 hoptwist crankflip. It’s not very flowy but it’s realyl hard. haha. Think i’m the solo with that move. Dan’s sick!!! haha
“Oh man, first f***ing try, whoa!”

-Shaun Johanneson

I’m working on “fakie” coasting a bit right now. (Yeah, it’s not street, but it’s still cool.) I did about fifteen feet today.:slight_smile: