Backwards Riding.

Im not sure if this is unusuall, but i can crankflip, and ride forwards, and idle, but i cant ride backwards.

to ride backwards, is it gunna take me just as it did to ride forwards? any tips on getting started? can any of you relate to progress before learning to ride backwards?

Yea i know exactly what you mean.

I am just learning to ride backwards now and I can already 360 unispin.

I have been able to do it a little bit for a while but I could never get more then 2 or 3 pedals. I practiced the other day and I can get 4 pedals consitantly now.

i really need some advice tho. im stuck. do i learn the same way i did to ride forward, or do i just wing it now that i can mount, and have a very accurate feel for the uni?..

I just hopped in one spot and then rode backwards untill I was gonna fall and then just started hopping again.

At first I could get 1 pedal and then 2 and 3 and so on.

Idling in between attempts would work to.

i’ll give it a try. but ive never started an idle from backwards before, eh, dont matter, im still gunna learn, thanks

Learning to ride backwards is similar to learning to ride forwards all over again. Here are a few things that might speed up the process:

1. Idle a few times and then ride backwards only one revolution and then finish back in an idle. Once you can do this consistently, try to do ride two revolutions backwards and go back into your idle. Keep adding revolutions, one or a few at a time, and eventually you’ll beable to ride backwards.
2. Ride backwards holding on to a fence/wall/etc… and then gradually put less and less pressure on it.
3. Have someone walk next to you that you can hold on to as you ride backwards.

Hope this helps.

i just tried that in my basement and im picking it up. i can go 4 rotations, but it is indeed hard.

I learned using this method the same week I learned to idle. After idling for a minute to get your balance increase the arc of your idle until you’re about to pedal backwards… then pedal backwards into another idle. After trying this for awhile I found it was actually easier to keep pedaling backwards once I had the momentum than to unsteady myself by dropping into an idle (I was horrible at idling at that point).

its called practice…
hold onto a rail and push off and ride…
it took me a week or so of practicing at least 20 minutes a day on just backward s to get in like 5revolutions consistantly…

i started riding about 2-3 months ago and started trying backwards riding today
it seems to work for me if i push off hard from a rail and keep going, in about 20 minutes i got a few runs with 3-4 revs max

It is weird I can rollout backwards somewhat like doing a 180 of a 5set, but I can’t ride backwards long at all…

after two or three days when I could ride forward quite well I decided to learn to ride backwards as that was what seemed logical (I didnt know you could do jumps and stuff on them). The way I learnt was to just ride forwards then slow down lean back and pedal backwards. The hardest bit was leaning back the right amount at the start, I didnt hurt myself much (just a cut on my hand) and after about two days I could ride about 30 metres.

well i can consistantly get going backwards and going ten to twenty revo’s but the thing is i have such a small amount of control while doing this, i swerve and somethimes i get going too fast to control myself. then theres the issue of stopping and going forward again. i just practice without holding onto anything, i just wing it and ive ben getting a bit better, i dont really know what im doing to make it better but if you just go for it youll get it.

It don’t take that long, try some of the tips the guys sugested. I tried ridding backward up a hill the other day.

If you lose control; hop out and bail (or just ride off)