backwards riding

so, i can pretty much do what i want and ride with one foot and stuff, except riding backwards, its the only thing ive come across that is so hard for me. its one of the most frustrating things ive ever encountered. any tips? maybe i just suck, i dont know

i’m in the same boat as you…riding backwards seems imposible for me :frowning:

That’s what I thought before, too. Just practice a whole bunch, it takes a long time to learn. It took me about 2 months to get it down somewhat decently.

I found that increasing tire pressure so I had more control made it much easier.

(EDIT)and using a street tire even more so(/EDIT)

ahhh, ive been trying really hard for like a month and havnt got any better, but sometimes im on my uni with a twisted hub, thats probably not helping me at all

I could just ride backwards when i got good at riding

well i can go a little but but not much and not good, i like to measure by parking spaces in a parking lot, i can go 2 spaces. but thats with no real control, im not sure where im going

found a cure for riding backwards what you do is go a while without riding and then when you get the uni back you feel invincibal and just go for it thats how i learned

Try mounting (rollback or static mount) into backwards riding. Remember all those things you had to learn when learning to ride forwards? Sit up tall, put your weight on the seat, hold your arms out, etc. You’ll have to re-learn them slightly for backwards riding… it just feels different.

Just keep on practicing and you’ll get it eventually… go for it!

ive been just mounting and heading straight back… and it seems to work ok… but yeah practice practice practice… i dont know how i figured how to do it… just tried one day

Good luck!

It took me about 2 weeks to go backwards on my uni. I had some help from another awesome unicyclist (squeegy) who lives close to me. He kind’ve taught me.

I’ve been trying it half-assed for a coupla months now (like, I’ll be out for a ride and I’ll try it once, go 2 pedal strokes and come off the uni. That’s it for the day). The other day though, I made it 4 revs of the pedals. That lets me know that it may be possible someday. Maybe I oughta try REALLY practicing it.

It is not that easy, but I think I’ve got a few tips for you:

  1. Increase your tyre preasure to get more control.
  2. When you do your first tries, try to distribute the preasure of your feet equal to on each pedal. aaaaaaaand
  3. Hold onto a wall or a rope

4. Don’t forget to wear protection. The first few falls are going to get baaad!!

But nevertheless it will take time to get that trick down. But it is not impossible!!
Try, try, try!