Backwards riding and one foot

I thought this was a common term, but maybe not. I wouldn’t have used it so nonchalantly if I’d thought it would cause confusion.

The roll-back mount, as I understand it, is to start with your foot on the near-pedal between the 3 (or 9 depending on which foot) and 6 o’clock position and the saddle jammed firmly against the crotch. Press down on the back pedal and allow the uni to roll back ~half a revolution, as the uni moves under you, bring your trailing foot gently up to meet the front pedal, which by the end of the exercise is the back pedal.
The aim being to get the feet close enough to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions to enable them to apply directional pressure. This varies from the static mount, in which the uni stays still while you push yourself to a position above it.

Is there another/ more accepted name for this mount?

That’s the only one I know of. Nice explanation too. It is my favorite… um… er… only successful mount. :wink:

I am still learning backwards riding. Its a pretty simple concept… I just ride, and if I throw in a 180, I decide to give backwards riding a shot. I am almost at 80 percent consistancy in my ability to ride backwards at least 4 revs. I suggest you give it a shot. Its much less frustrating, but it takes longer.

I learned to ride 1-footed in an hour yesterday (without ever having tried it before:) )
all you need to do is ride along, take your weight of one foot, then take it off entirely, pick yourself off the ground and try again. try to work out what you do wrong each try, then improve. simple as that:D

but can you do it backwards? i want to know how to do it backwards…

that’s today’s task…
edit: it shouldn’t be too difficult, you would just reverse the motion and balance. it might feel a bit weird moving the ankle differently, but I’ll wait and see.


Ridingwithscissors is officialy not dumb. People try to write long tutorials on how to do it (one footed). In reality you need to just suck it up and go for it. I can even do it and rest my foot on the frame. Ridingwithscissors is officialy the guy i’ll come to for advice now!!!

thank you so much, this really helps

Hey guys,

I still seem to be having trouble riding backwards. Does anyone have any video tutorials or written tutorials they can offer?

This was asked of me I decided to post it here to hopefully help others.

Lean less and pedal slower but keep your pedal strokes smooth, circular.


The same thing, but I think it’d be easier to ride forwards, lean back and ride backwards. Knowing and doing are two separate things though :roll_eyes:

what are UPDS

UPD’s are UnPlaned Dismounts

“what are UPDS”
UPD’s are my enemy, and they know how to make me feel pain at work the next day.
On topic, I wouldn’t have thought of riding backwards yet but after reading this thread I might go out tomorrow and give it a go.
Thanks guys and girls