Backwards riding and one foot

I have been riding for a long time 24" on my torker lx. I want to learn to

  1. ride backwards


  1. and riding one footed.

If you could post videos/tutrials and any or both of these it would help a lot


I can give you a little help, as far as riding one footed, just start applying less and less pressure to one pedal, eventually you’ll be able to go farther and farther with one foot. Going backwards is all about overcoming the fear, as it’s just as easy as going forwards. Just practice going backwards and it’ll come to you eventually, learning to idle first helped me.

How long could you idle for kerosian?

well, as long as my legs don’t tire, pretty much forever.

how do you idle w/o falling to the side

move your body when you need to, you learn to feel for it after a while, it’s just like riding skinnies, after a while you develop a sense of balance

any tips on combining one footed riding and backwards riding? I’m trying to figure that one out now…

yah, a guide for this would be great. I keep trying but when I get into 1 foot idle I just fall onto the ground :frowning: .

How do you Idle

Hey guys

I have been trying to learn to idle. If you find any good tutorials would you please post me or pm me please!!!

Here is what worked for me:

  1. Hold on a railing with your feet in the 6 and 9 oclock position.

  2. Start rocking back and forth while still holding the railing. The

    bottom foot does all the work.

  3. You will have to lean forward as you are moving forward (just as you

    do when your starting off normally.)

  4. Release the railing and continue idling. You can always grab the railing

    again for balance.

  5. When you fall to the side turn to the side you are falling to.

Hope this helps.

i just learnied to idle and ride backwards. they will be in my next video. ill add somthing in for you guys if you want…

ride backwards with one foot?

Thank you man, that would be awesome

I don’t know about riding one-footed, but if you can do a roll-back mount with either foot then you’re halfway towards riding backwards. Once you can do the roll-back, just keep rolling back. It takes a bit of a stamp on your mounting foot to get your momentum firmly in the right direction. It’s scary, and hard to control the speed (kinda like your first revs forwards). I was stuck at 3 - 4 revs until I got the speed right, then it came fairly naturally.

The other thing about going slowly is that changing direction becomes easy. Which leads to idling. This is how I learnt to idle:
Go backwards a few revs
Hold static for a moment
Go forwards a few revs
Hold static again
Go backwards etc. … you get the idea.

Then I shortend the revs to just 1 each way (‘ridling’ as I like to call it) switching my lead-foot. The last step is just to keep in a state of perpetual switch and voilà. I don’t know if it’s the best way, but all told, from not being able to ride backwards to being able to go backwards and idle for 10 revs each foot took ~5 hours saddle time on a 20". The hardest part being the initial ride backwards.

Sorry: as you probably guessed I meant 12 and 6 o’clock

  1. One should know how to idle one footed and ride one footed very well, before attempting one foot backwards.
  2. Cycle back and forth 540 degrees in what is commonly know as one footed triple idling. This is actually riding one footed forward 1-1/2 revolutions followed by riding one footed backwards 1-1/2 revolutions!
  3. After a few cycles, try to continue going one footed backwards!

Then there is hope for me. :smiley:
Thanks for a nice post. I’m going to give it some more practice. Maybe a little courage and and a lot of practice will finally get me there.

roll back mount?

yesterday i learned how to ride one fotted.

Are you asking what this is?