BAckwards,high jump, etc

hi i was wondering if anyone has any tips for the following:
How to go backwards easier
How to Jump Higher
How to hop/jump side ways easier


for riding backwards you just want to do the same thing for how you learned to go forwards but just go the opposite way, I cant jump very well yet and I am sure someone else will give you a link to a billion other threads that cover these questions anyway

so for jumping seeing as your probably newer you need to be able to do a pre bounce with the seat under you not in front. so start 3 - 4 ft away from the object and side hop and when you land infront of the object about a ft away you compress your tire fully and then jump again pulling up on the seat and lifting your legs up while keeping the pedals under your feet.

so should i let some air outa my tire, i ride a 24" bedford light duty