backwards grind

i was wondering if anyone has tried a backwards grind. it’d be kinda cool as u’d ride up, jump and do a 180 and land on the rail and grind down, then jump and do a 180 off and land forward. jw


Quite a few people have tryed and done backwards grinds. Alex Toms has probably done the best one i’ve seen on a fairly long ledge at a skatepark.

I’ve seen people attempt to slide rails backwards, but never actually land one. Maybe it’s been done by now, but if not i’m sure it will be done pretty soon.


yup. it’d look more impressive on a rail than just a ledge

Kevin McMullin does it in Universe 2, a couple of times…

really? i didn’t see that. i guess i’ll watch it again

Kevin McM’s not in Universe II…

Shaun Johanneson has naild a longer rail backwards then Alex Toms. And Kevin McMullin.


I am pretty sure he is, actually I am almost positive you see him ride in it.

I still think he is in Universe @, but I know that he is in Spaced out… Maybe I’m just confused…

i just watched universe 2 and i didn’t see him. theres one guy that does a backwards grind but not on a rail

That would be a really awesome trick. If anyone can do it, please take a vid of it. I’d like to see it.

Hmmm, nope, I don’t think Kevin’s in U-II. You might be thinking of Dan Doerkson, I think he does a couple backwards grinds.
I remember Kevin saying that he wanted to be in U-II, but he couldn’t get together with Dan to film.

Hello. I’m not in UNiVERsE 2 at all. In spaced out, i do a pretty decent 180 grind on a bench. go to and in my “sponsor video” or whatever its called, theres a 180 grind, and a 180 grind 180 out in the middle of thge video somewhere. those are all from a pretty long time ago, but the riding is decent. ive tried them onto handrails, but no success, and pretty painful failures too.


Hey Kevin, what was the song originally in your sponsor video? Because that was one sweet song, and I don’t remember it or the lyrics, but it was awesome…
I’ve searched the forums, but to no avail.

<double threadjack> Also Kevin, is there a high quality version of your video, I love it, but would like to see it in a high quality form … </double threadjack>

hello. to answer the threadjacks, the two previously used songs were: my life story by mxpx, and 99 red balloons, but i cant remember the band for 99 red balloons. and no, thats the only version of the video available. sorry. i never put it back to my video camera, and a while ago, i lost everything on my comp. so thats the only one.

see ya, Kevin

Its either by Bjork, Goldfinger, or Goldie, but i really don’t think those are the songs in your video…

It’s one long techno song in your sampler I am thinking of, not the footage in Spaced Out.

Hey ,
As Dan and Kevin have said, 180 grind have been done on to ledges/ benches. As far as I know no one has done one on to a rail, the few attempts I have seen have ended with the riders being in quite a lot of pain. I’m sure some one will pull one off on a rail before to long

  • Jeff

The techno one is the new music. I remember before that it had two songs, one of which was Goldfinger’s 99 Red Balloons.
My Life Story was the other one I was looking for, thanks Kevin!!