Backwards and running suicide mounts...

The other day I learned these two new skills. They’re lots of fun. For both of them I set the unicycle in loose dirt/bark/pebals s it just sat there in the right position. Then I either took a run up and jumped forwards onto the uni or stood in front and jumped backwards onto it. It was lots of fun. I also realised when I was doing normal suicide mounts that the unicycle will stay in the right position for longer than I originally thought. I managed to do something that I saw in a Unicon video where a guy let go of the uni, spun around in a circle (on the spot) and then did a suicide mount while the uni just stood there.

I’ve posted videos in my gallery.

Give these things a go, they’re heaps of fun,

Wicked video,

   I've only ever managed the regular suicide mount, and as you said, these new skills will have to be tried. However, you said you could leave the uni for longer than you thought. I find that even in pebals or loose dirt the uni only stays stationary for an instant before it falls over. I guess this just comes with practise.

I was sitting the unicycle in pretty thick dirt or whatever it was and it would just stay there for about a minute before the wind blew it over. My suggestion would be to just use more dirt. I think I expected the uni to fall over immediately and when it took a bit longer (when not in the dirt or anything) I was pleasantly surprised.

Tell us how you go with these suicide mount variations if you try them.


Lateral movement isnt what usually causes my Uni to fall when I try to set it up for a suicide, Usually the frame falling down is that causes me problems, I have landed a suicide many times to find that the seat is already at the ground, if I could only ride away with a seat drag…

If you’re ending up landing your suicide mounts in the seat drag position you need to work on your setting up. You want the unicycle to be falling slowly towards you when you’re in the air. If it’s falling away from you, you’ll miss the saddle and end up in the seat drag position.

I suppose it’s also possible that you’re jumping right over the seat to land in seat drag in back! This sounds like a harder version of a mount that I do: jump mount to seat in back. Try it - it’s kinda freaky and requires some nifty midair hand changes.

Tony Melton