Backwards Aint TOO Bad


Well I’m doing fairly well at learning to ride backwards.

The first time I ever tried it was in New Orleans, riding with Greg and Chris. While they were chatting, I was going never more than 1 revolution backwards, except once I went 1.5 revolutions. :slight_smile: Little more than momentum really. :slight_smile:

The second time was this last Saturday in a park in Memphis with the MUC … a youngster named Sam was going backwards and I just figured I could at least try. I managed to go 2 revolutions backwards on a couple of occasions, but I didnt try many times. STILL, I felt something … it felt pretty comfortable.

Tonight I tried it “for real”. The first try got me nowhere, and then it occured to me that riding backwards and forwards are the same, not counting the transition in direction. So, it seemed logical to me that I should put my weight on the seat, relax, and just start pedaling backwards.

It worked like a charm, really. All my subsequent attempts got me at least 10 feet each time, and about half the time I would get to about 20 feet, if I really relaxed and just focused at the same time. On one occasion I easily made 30 feet, albeit not in a straight line on that one. Still, that one taught me that steering isnt in the realm of the impossible. I directed my balance and even my direction a tiny bit.

So, riding backwards is working out pretty well for me. I guess I ordered a freestyle unicycle just in time! (Stealth Torker)


Re: Backwards Aint TOO Bad


Power to you, man. It took me a year and a half to finally figure out that the fundamentals of riding backwards are just like riding forwards. Once I figured out that the key was keeping your weight on the seat (and relaxing, although I hadn’t really put it in that word until reading your post), it too, clicked for me.

Here’s to having fun and learning new skills!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Re: Backwards Aint TOO Bad


Absolutely! Thanks man!

Ah, about time to watch my new Spider-Man DVD.


Way to go Lewis! Keep it up!

Hey man, you coming to the Mempho this weekend?



At the end of our club meetings, the kids absolutely love to play hockey (gotta get prepared to get spanked by TCUC at Regionals). I’ve found that playing hockey really helps me with things like riding backwards. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I’m concentrating so hard on something else at the time that, when it comes to things like riding backwards, I don’t think, I just do.


You da man, Lew.

Remember saying how Tommy and I are always gushing, “Lewis, you can DO this, man” and yet you were reluctant to believe it? Well, Lewis, you DID this man.

Lewis, you looked pretty comfortable this past wknd. Sam is amazing and he doesn’t even realize it. If we compare ourselves to him, we’ll cry ouselves to sleep at night.

I’m giving that Riding Backwards a try too. I’m also trying to learn to idle. I can idle 4-5 times with Right Foot Down. I noticed last night that when attempting Backwardsness, I lose it when my left foot comes around front (from down). So I parked myself by the mailbox and fake-idled with Left Foot Down for a while. Next attempt got me 3 cranks backwards!!

Lewis, I’m right behind you. (Or I guess I’m actually in front of you, since you’re ahead of me, which places me behind. Sort of a double negative thing. Or not.)


Thanks for the encouragement!


Let’s keep it at encouragement. Competition (me being slightly ahead or behind, etc) sucks all the energy from me and makes me stop learning. :slight_smile:

But yeah, it’s kinda fun.


No, No. Don’t get me wrong.

I was just passing along a tip that may (or may not) help. Something I found useful.