Backward Wheel Walk

I’ve been practising backwards wheel walking resently and I’m not really getting it, is it an especially hard trick to master? Has anyone got any tips?

I think the main part of the trick is to keep the back straight as possible and not to get the feet tangled up, the feet is probobly a good start to master first.


thanx trev, I appreciate the help

Yes, it took me quite a while to get, be patient. It is anatomically more difficult than going forward, because your feet have really poor grip on the tire when “pulling.” It’s a good hamstring workout. has one tip on backwards wheel walking.


Edit: Sorry, double-posted for some reason.

I only just “got” backwards wheel walk today. I got 20 steps which is quite a lot more than i had previously got.

It takes quite a while to get. It just kind of clicked today. go slowly and don’t lean back to far. i think that works for me. Also take small steps with almost no gap between the feet. this will be easier to go further when your learning. pull the wheel with the heel and toe.

That’s great Nick, are you going to go to UniNats next year? The freestyle competitions might be a little more interesting with you competing in them - then it won’t just be Simon impressing the crowd. :slight_smile: Did you know there are a few other riders from Perth who occasionally visit Have you met them?


hehe…i dont even know how to forwards wheel walk.


I may go to uni nats but the problem is the location. Depending on how far away it is i’ll see if i can go.
I have met other unicyclists from perth. We have a bit of a group going with about 6 riders.