backward 1-footed

What’s the trick to backwards one-footed??? I’ve tried and I almost have the hang of it… I just try to lean back really far. Any suggestions?

Practice.Do it over and over and over and over again.THen some more.youll get it.

I’ve only done 4 revs, but I found that thinking about picking up my foot on the back (now front; in otherwards the up) stroke helped quite a bit.

I was just about to make a thread about this but decided not. i can only get like 1/2 rev ive got 2 before though… any help is more than welcome


U-Turn has it right. You need to think a lot about the upstroke. Try hard to pull it up and over. The down stroke is pretty easy. You do have to lean back more than feels comfortable, but don’t lean too far, as that is risking serious injury.

I found it worked best to go from one-footed riding, then just reverse and go backward, but also try it from backward riding and from one-footed idling.

It’s level 8 so it is fairly tricky.

While we are on the freestlye subject area… i have completely lost all knowledge at riding seat at side, i used to be able to do it but i didnt do it for a long time becuase i alwasy burnt my leg. but now i cant do it at all… any points jsm and others…


I personally bend my knees a LOT to keep the tire from hitting my legs, and that helps. somewhat.

the upstroke is definitely the hardest part, but once you get the hang of it, its sort of easy. just make sure your pedals are on tight…mine undid themselves, and it wasnt pretty…

Here’s what I wrote on the Unicyclopedia. I had just learned it to the left, (I could already do it to the right) so it was pretty clear in my mind at the time

“Riding seat on side is level five, so it’s about as difficult as wheel walking. This is one skill that is a lot easier on a 20” wheel. It is still possible to learn it on a 24" wheel, and that’s the perspective from which I write.

To start with, practice riding in circles with seat out in back. When you are comfortable with this, lean a little while turning, and slip the seat around on your side. The hard part is avoiding scraping you leg with the tire, while still getting you leg properly between the the seat and wheel. It helps to go slow, squat down a fair amount, lean back, and even move you foot so it’s half off the end of the pedal. This may not be as necessary on a 20" unicycle. You can also do spins in this postion, or go backward, if you practice enough."

The most important thing is to squat down a little bit.

well do u even have backwards down yet?

What I noticed about 1-footed forward riding is that at first I tried to control the balance with vigorous pressure on the down stroke. After about 6 months the pressure got lighter and lighter till I was just a hair’s breath away from coasting–that’s when I could start 1 footing fluidly and really get some speed up on the flats.

In my limited experience, it’s the jerky motion of too much downpressuring that disrupts the flow when you’re backward 1 footing. And till you can get that flow, you can never get past a few strokes. So lighten up on the down stroke and connect the up stroke and you’re good to go with a few weeks practice.


Well, I kick real hard on the way down and balanceit out on the way up… I can do it as far as i want usually, but why, I learned it cause it looks cool never really use it anymore. There is a short one foot backwards in my gallery only like 3 rev, it was a little trick set i was playin with. it in the freestlye and skatepark folder and the clip is called freestyle…