Backfoot Rail Grinding Techniques...

I have recently got a lot better t grinding. I can now hit any reasonable ledge with my left foot. This is my back foot. I am pretty confident in it too, and slide well. I can do 1 footers and transfer to seat out while sliding.

I figured I would try a rail the other day. This is the next step on my progression to handrails. I found a rail only 12 inches off the ground. It was in a pretty nice location, and looked easy because of the hieght. Only problem was it was ever so slightly uphill.

I pedaled up to it and hit it hard. I slid about 3 feet and the uni slid fast and went out in front of me. I went vertical and landed on my back/rear/head on the rail. I had on a helmet, and my butt took most of the hit (left me with a pretty cool butt stripe!)

My question regards the technique I see some of you backfoot grinders using quite successfully. I want to get some pointers, since I am a little worried about it happening again (this was my first rail ever, so I am kindof scared, since I am batting 1000 when it comes to massive screw ups). I think what happened was I was pulling up and leaning back mega hard, since this is what gets me the good slide and distance on rock. Also I’m thinking I may want to hit it a little slower and let the better surface do the work, at least when I am learning.

Any tips are appreciated, as well as telling me what I did wrong. Thanks!

i also grind on my back foot and what works for me is this

hit the rail/ledge at what ever speed you feel comfortable, with rails you will slide a little better so i tend to hit rails at a slower speed both hand rails and level rails

for level surfaces it’s best to keep your weight over the uni or a little back

for slanted surfaces stay over the uni or lean a little forward

that’s what works best for me
good luck

ive been hurt pretty badly because of leaning backwards on a rail.
not a thing i recommend doing too much…

i’ve found that the less contact you have on the rail thee further youll slide, eg, you foot might touch or your bearing case is on.

try to get them out of the way. and find a rail that is ever so slightly downhill for way better results.

i think its just a thing with back foot grinding… you cant get that distance on flat rails etc that you can with front foot stuff.

and also make sure you jump to the rail and not land on the rail…
this help with momentum. its hard to explain but you should get the idea if you try it