I’m pretty good at crankflips and can land doubles occasionally. However, my backflips are pathetic. Any tips or tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

Aha, lets see what I can do…(this is how I learned it, might not work for you:()

Okay. Start out by practicing getting the flip. Backflip mount. Kick the back pedal and start the rotation, get it going pretty fast. When your pedals are horizontal jump on and try to land the mount. Get these down.
Once you have them more or less consistant, you can start to get the flip from on the uni. Just be riding forward, jump, kick down and back as hard as you can. You might not want to try to land it yet, just practice getting the flip.
Now here is the part where you actually start landing backflips… Do a static mount and right away, when you are set, attempt the backflip. Don’t ride or hop or anything. Mount-backflip-land.
Once you can do this, it is not hard at all to start doing static backflips, and then to finally move on to rolling backflips. It is probably a good idea to start doing them 2 handed, as this will help you get the full flip, while keeping the unicycle under control.

I hope I could help, this is how my friend and I learned them. Might not work for everyone.

Good Luck;)

I have a question, I can do the mount, but if i try to actually do a backflip, i get the flip but the unicycle always ends up behind me and I can’t seem to keep it under me. Do you have any tips?

Sounds like a commitment issue to me. Are you using two hands? You may have to jump back the first couple times.

Thx a lot for that tip!!! Most of my troubles are coming from the kick any way. The landing deal isn’t that hard for me in this case. It’s more of a matter of actually flipping the cranks.

Any luck yet?

No, haha today I tried to land a trey flip for like 3 hours. No luck in that either, but close.