Backflips Frontflips on Uni?

Can anyone do a front/backflip with the uni? Or Seen anyone ? This is a backflip off it but was wondering if anyone can do it beofre i kill myself :smiley:

Backflips Frontflips on Uni?


Nice backflip! If anyone can do it, it looks like you have a pretty good shot!
You could try tying your feet to the pedals if you want the Uni to follow you! :smiley: Or maybe install clipless pedals…

How long has your mum been after you to mow that lawn?:wink:

Great job! Great flip! Only you forgot to take the uni with you. :slight_smile:


I think it’s possible. It’d make more sense to be coming off of an obstacle or drop so you have more rotation time. A shorter and lighter unicycle might be key to get yourself spinning faster.

Re: Backflips Frontflips on Uni?

Ace pics! If you want to go for full flip with uni, you might want to try off a mini tramp first:

Learning a flip and being able to performe it would be invaluable for a unicycling career… That said, I SERIOUSLY recommend finding a gymnastics or circus school with a harness and spotters to use while attempting and perfecting a full uni flip. You wouldn’t want to land on your head and break the neck. You’ll be happier with one wheel…don’t force yourself into four.

On a side note, how are the Onza cranks and hub? How long have you been riding them? Maybe you could write a review in another thread.

Can we watch the broken neck comments please?

Great progression shots. Now that I know what you mean – back handspring not back flip (which is done entirely in the air from feet to feet or from wheel to wheel) I truly believe that you can do it!!

I am not even close to being proficient enough to start such a challenge, but I truly believe that it can be done. The body is built in such a way that going over backward is easier than foward. Seeing your photos, it looks like you almost have the skill. You obviously (just for the folks at home) knew how to do a back handspring prior to trying it on your unicycle.

Helpful hints: Look at your legs in the photos and see how they spread apart as you spring over backward. Try squeezing your knees and ankles together. This will hold the seat in place and keep your body stretched and tight. Now also look at your head. Because it is farther back than your arms at the take off results in a lower-flatter flight pattern which will lower you to the ground sooner resulting in having to bend your knees to get your feet/wheel on the ground. At initiation, try having your hands move faster to lock-out your shoulders, giving you a more arched flight pattern.

Love your creative courage. I would like to see more photos of this skill.

Keep on riding on!

I have tried gripping with my ankles and thighs but no luck, is there any harnsess i can strap myslef to the unicycle so i cant get out? :smiley: that wud be so helpful lol well sort a


Re: Backflips Frontflips on Uni?

> I have tried gripping with my ankles and thighs but no luck, is there
> any harness i can strap myself to the unicycle so i cant get out? :smiley:
> that would be so helpful lol well sort a

Can you do a one-handed back handspring?

Practice your back-handspring without your unicycle. Place a folded pair of socks between your ankles and squeeze. Try to perform the entire skill with the socks remaining in place. The awareness of squeezing and extending throughout the entire skill is developed in time. To strap yourself on the unicycle limits other possibilities and may create a dangerous attachment that will not let you bail out safely when necessary.

When you get good enough, a one handed back-handspring is a great skill. When you master that, your other hand can pull up on the front of the seat (as in hopping).

Keep on riding on,


It sounds like, as a phys ed. instructor, you might have some training experience in gymnastics. I wonder if attempting a cartwheel with the uni tucked between the knees would help in learning to take the uni with the rider into the air.

Just a thought. Boy, something like these moves would sure add to a freestyle routine at competition.


Actually, many years ago in another life BW (Before Washington), I coached USGF/AAU level Gymnastics for many years. The link between unicycle movement mechanics and gymnastics are very close.

Your suggestion of a cartwheel might be a possibility; however a round-off (sometimes called a side-handspring) which lands 2-footed facing the direction from which one initiates the move, would be more feasible. Since it is easier to do with one arm than a back-handspring might make it easier as well, since it would be easier to use the other hand on the seat. The down side is that on a unicycle, taking off for the back-handspring may in fact be easier since it is initiated with a jump (take-off 2-footed) as opposed to a round-off which is initiated from a hurdle step (one-footed take off - similar to half a skip).

If a take-off ramp was used, similar to those in acrobatic skiing, an actual full back flip is feasible. Perhaps someone can convince the acrobatic skiing instructors to allow unicyclists to use the ramps with water landings. A great way to start to learn the skill is on a trampoline (with the correct spotting & without the uni) and then perhaps with spotting and with the uni.

Sounds like an exciting challenge.