I landed a backflip!!! Score thanks to foforackard!

Seat out in front too!

Im going to take out the video right now. See if I can land it agian!!!

Heres the link. I get it on the fifth try on this one. Ill get another one sooner!!! my first one exited you guys rock!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Heres on of me landing it the first time.

Im going to get a closer version of it when i go back out in a minute :smiley:

I have to go to bed, ill get it tomarrow after school (the close up)

Sweet! watching it now!!!

wow, im really pissed I still cant get crankflips. Grrr, Im motivated Im gonna get em. Oh and really good.

I thought you landed an actual backflip. I was really anxious to see it. I was kinda dissapointed.

Congratz on the flip, though.

Some really strange sounds in the first vid…
Do you ever use your trials uni?

Yea for trials stuff. But for stuff I just learn. I use my lighter crome one for the newer tricks. Then once i have them down. I transfer them to my DX.

Here are some seat in, just got seat in backflips today.:smiley: