Backflip Help

I’ve been applying Shaun Johanneson’s “Crankflip Tutorial” to learning backflips so that’s the zero plants and the foot plant flip. Is this the right way to go about it? I’ve not been particularly successful with either so I don’t know whether to percist or to change technique.

Any advice would be great,


Mostly i’d recommend to learn them static first and then rolling later.

i found doing them ride up and do backflips heaps easier. just think of it as a crankflips. try to land in the same spot as you started then learn them so you move.
i’ll make a short video of me doing one. i’ll send the link soon

also i just got straight into them i didnt use shauns tutorial. you just have to go for it. if you can crankflip, which i assume you can because you’re trying backflips, you should eventually get the backflips. i’ll post a short video of me doing some with slow motion tommorrow once a get a front view of me doing one. kbye

Forward flipping people learn backs best first fakie (Source is me and two other riders i’ve spoken with). This way you apply the same form to a fakie flip as a crankflip. The snap the jump the land, the distance. Then you slowly change to moving your foot to the base of your shoe (middle of your foot) rather than your toe (forward flipping form). You learn to push down on the pedal, and drag it forward, then lifting your foot up and getting it back to it’s start (if done nicely your foot should appear to be on the pedal the whole time). So push down and drag forward. Then get your feet back to the position they were. When you are good fakie (which is riding slowly into them too) do it static, then ride forward and basically stop do a static backflip and ride forward. Work it into riding forward both ways and flowing with it. Should workout for you. Good luck.

-Shaun Johanneson

So just to clarify, should a backflip be similar to a 1 footed back rev when riding fakie any way

when riding any way it shoul dbe a rewind onefooted. Yeah, but the foot will usually come off the pedal on the top rotation around, but it’s hard to tell.

-Shaun Johanneson
that might help with your backflips.

you know what would be cooler than a backflip. a back zeroplant (sugestion for sj)

I don’t think so…I think when riding any way your feet should both come off. I know a lot of the time they don’t fully and thats ok but you shouldn’t try to do it with one foot staying on.
They look way better when both feet are off for the whole time imo.

Thanks I appreciate you taking the time to do that but I don’t need to see a vid. I just wanted to know if what I was doing was right and if not, are there any tricks to help learning.

Thanks for your help everyone I will try and apply what you have suggested to my learning. Keep them coming,


ok then
i just thought seeing how someone else did them might help but ok.
are you having trouble with the kick, the spin or the landing?

I would try them in all positions like static, fakie, rolling.

I will go through what rolling feels like to me (I’m not very good at trick tips so to speak).

When riding, slowly/very slowly, jump up and push down on the back pedal.

Kick the front foot out and forward (as the back foot down) to get it clear of the pedal (trick to most flip tricks, get the non-flipping foot away quick).

Kick your back foot out after down and try to stay in the same spot (like everyone says, distance comes with time).

Suck your feet up and and (bring them in), slam down! Feel the cranks.

I am picturing me doing it now, this probably won’t help at all.