Backflip Help. But wait, please read

Ok so I have Infact searched for the problem I posses and have not found the answer so please don’t tell me I haven’t searched :wink: (unless you have of course the source to the answer to the question of what I ask =P)

Anywhos, I have been working on back flips. I have read many threads on how to do these and have actually been considerably successful… Until it comes time to actually land them. I can flip them pretty good, but every single time I try to actually pull one off, the wheel always ends up in front of me. Has anyone experienced the same problem?


P.S. If any of you care to post a tutorial of some kind (I know this isn’t that section) all help would be appreciated. I’d be perfectly willing to redraft fromthe beginning.

Thanks again =)

thats weird because when i learned back flips the uni was always behind me but i would say try to jump your body forward more and everyone one says stay above the unicycle witch holds true. what forces me to land above the unicycle is ride faster before i start the trick i donno could just help me but good luck. P.S. the backflip is one of my favorite tricks because the first thing people ask me when they see me riding is “can you do a backflip” jokingly, and now i cn say yes.:stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I was trying them yesterday and I had the exact same problem. The only thing I could figure out to fix it was to lean way forward right before I kicked, like a lot further forward than I am when I just normal crankflip. I still havent landed it but I’m closer now. So ride, pause, lean forward, kick, land, celebrate.

Ive been working on them too but the thing that seems to be helping me the most is to kick straight down. I was alyways trying to kick it to the side like i do with crankflips but it doesnt work.

When I learned them, I couldn’t flip at all, I tried again a few months after and I got it:p I can post a video later so you can see how a begginer does it. They still look very sketchy and very ugly but it works. :slight_smile:

When I do them I just put my back foot way higher than the other one, then, when I hop it kind of flip by itself… I’ll post a video later today.

Alright thanks Guys, i do believe i am getting closer with some of your tips and some others i found posted a while ago by Mr. Brill and Mr. Hochberg :stuck_out_tongue:

I am still of course welcoming information but thank you all for your contribution:)

If i actually get one i will post a video of it here as well.

Thanks :smiley: