Backflip Competition

If anyone’s having as much trouble as me with backflips, then this is the thread for you, haha.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place can be taken.

I’m having trouble making a trophy this time, so could someone else do it?

The rules are simple:

-You can not have landed it before.
-Fakieflips do not count in this competition (But if you have landed a fakieflip before, don’t enter).
-Can be static or rolling.
-Must be done on flat.

Good luck to everyone trying it!

nice;) i am in:)

im in! backflips are sooo hard

i´m in.

ive never actually tried backflips.

must be seat in im assuming?

SIF is fine I guess. A lot of people find it easier that way, including myself.

I’d like to stick em SI though. You can do what you want with that. A backflip is a backflip.

I’m in. Backflips just dont work for me lol, I cant even kick them. Anyone have any tips for them?

sig trophies…










I’m in.

Peter, you spelled backflips wrong.

Not trying to nag.

ya im positive i could backflip SIF, but im going to try SI.

but i just tried about 10 minutes ago, and im so far away from these its not even funny :slight_smile:

shut up…that was totally on purpose:p











the “B” in backflip should be capitalized to look better

and I am in

nice trophys :wink: :slight_smile:

Sorry i’m german kann you say me whats judging

The first five people to land the trick post videos of themselves landing the trick. They are the winners. Not much judging really:p

now I now whats judging is :stuck_out_tongue:

i landed it yesterday:D

(franzi our gaylord^^)

why were they walking really slow? nice backflip btw

they found it was cool but i didn´t understand the meaning…but i know why franzi grabbed his ass because he is a little bit gay^^ (franzi jz samma quit)

yesterdy i also learned fakieflips, 180backs, 180fackieflips, catched backflips, backflips up and down a stair:D

im in

nice job felix!

he is stupid