Backcountry powder muni riding

today i tried a knew style of muniing: hiking up in the snow with some sort of partable touring (or nordic?) skis (which i’ve still from my backcountry snowboard riding time…) and riding down in the powder. it was great, but also very exhausting… but still: a lot of fun.

for going down there is only one route: the direct one!

more pics:

beautiful pictures!

Beautiful snow. Is riding in that deep stuff more fun than skiing, though?

So what do you do with your skis once you’re ready to ride down?
Leave them at the top and come back for them somehow?
Put them on your back?
Keep them on while you ride? :astonished: :smiley:

The answer might be in the word “partable” you used. Or is that a type for “portable”. Either way, I don’t know what partable or portable skis are.

In the forth photo you can see how they can be seperated, and in the six Turtle has them attached to his back pack.

Great pictures.


and those are not really skis, they called “climb ascent system” for going uphill in backcountry snowboarding:

…and muni riding in deep stuff is just for fun… more fun is to do it on the snowboard…but i can’t post that in here :smiley:

Aha, so the “ski” bottom surface is a permanent climbing skin? Very cool.