Back up

Well, I’m finally back up and riding after finally replacing my old unicycle
that I killed (bent axel and stripped cranks). I just got a new 26" SEM from the
unicycle factory friday and finally had time to take it out for the true road
test. I went off for a 6 mile ride with some off road and some serious hills.
The extra 2"in the wheel is a nice addition for the longer distance riding. My
next project is to repair the old 24" wheel for more goofing with trick riding.
Moving up to a 26" wheel doesn’t seem to have made most of the things I could do
before much harder, but I have no hopes of learning to wheel walk on the biger
wheel. That’s something will have to wait until the 24" is running again or
until I lace up a 20" rim so that my knees don’t have to go so high to get my
feet up there pushing.

  _ _ Doug Borngasser
(o)(o)             San Diego CA db \__/ You know you're a
                   unicyclist when walking feels strange.